Brand New Heartache (Oklahoma Brands #2) by Maggie Shayne

BrandNewHeartacheIn high school, Wade Armstrong had been half in love with Edie Brand, even though she barely seemed to notice his existence. Like the rest of this town, she thought him beneath her. That was how it seemed to him, anyway. But he’d grown up determined to prove them wrong, and now he owned a successful garage which was wallpapered with Edie Brand’s photo spreads from the Vanessa’s Whisper lingerie catalogue.

In high school, Edie Brand had been afraid to even look at Wade Armstrong. He was too hot, to smooth, and his reputation of being able to get any girl to say yes on the first date scared the daylights out of her. Now, though, a bad boy is what she needs. She’s back in town, driven out of L.A. and her lucrative modeling career by a crazed stalker who nearly killed her once. And who seems to have followed her home.

The attraction between these two burns them both, while a dangerous admirer watches, and grows angrier.

I’m currently bouncing back and forth between the Oklahoma Brands and the Texas Brands and loving every minute of it. 😉 I’ve come to consider them my ‘feel good’ reading diversion. The characters are fun and witty, there’s just a little bit of danger and a whole lot of smexiness… what’s not to love?

Edie is the prodigal daughter. She is the only one of the Brand girls to leave home, but she came back and in Brand New Heartache she feels like she has something to prove. Running into Wade Armstrong was not part of her plan.

There’s a lot more to Wade than meets the eye… especially Edie’s. Turns out not even he knows how much she really means to him.

In true Brand fashion there are some serious miscommunications, overprotective siblings, a little bit of danger, a mother who raised a brood of independent thinkers and a whole lot of fun.

Next up is Secrets and Lies which features Mel and Alex working under cover. Things are bound to get interesting 🙂



2 comments on “Brand New Heartache (Oklahoma Brands #2) by Maggie Shayne

    • The books in both Brand series are my designated light reads. They’re fun and at times a little silly, but I love them. I’ve read several of Maggie Shayne’s books, but my absolute favorite series is Brown and DeLuca. That one you absolutely HAVE to check out 😉

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