Vampires Don’t Cry Wolf (Dead in the City #3) by Sara Humphreys

VampiresNeverCryWolfSadie Pemberton is the DJ at the hottest vampire club in New York City, and she loves her freedom almost as much as she hates werewolves. She has no desire to tie herself to anyone for eternity—even the deliciously sexy Killian Bane—werewolf prince and heir apparent who has been sent to patrol the city.

But Sadie bears the mark of the moon—the mark that Killian has been looking for, the mark that’s meant to reveal his perfect mate. How can the fates be so cruel? Even more importantly, how is he ever going to change her mind?

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Well, this was an interesting twist. 😉 I love it when an author takes me by surprise.

I liked Sadie from the start, and even more as I got to know her. She’s adjusting to change. Some good, some questionable. She’s strong, witty and a loyal friend.

Killian isn’t exactly running away from the inevitable, he’s just stalling it a little. He knows that he needs to find his mate and take his place as King when his father retires, he just wants to do it on his terms.

In Killian and Sadie’s world, werewolves and vampires don’t get along. They’ve pretty much been enemies for as long as any of them can remember. The fences between the two are just starting to mend, but not enough for a relationship between a werewolf and a vampire to ever work, unless… You guessed it, that’s where the twist comes in and I’m not saying a word.

Vampires Never Cry Wolf is the 3rd book in Sara Humphreys’ Dead in the City series. Even though it’s the 1st book in the series I’ve read, I had no trouble keeping up. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to go back and read the previous books in the series though. Just because I know I’ll love the characters even more once I get to know them better.

Besides the books in the Dead in the City series, I have some serious back-reading to do. This isn’t the first book I’ve read by Sarah Humphreys. Eons ago I read The Amoveo Legacy. Since then it’s become the Amoveo Legend and there are at least 6 books in that series. Dead in the City is a spinoff series from those books. So yeah, I’ve just added a whole lot of books to my ever growing TBR pile. *sigh*




2 comments on “Vampires Don’t Cry Wolf (Dead in the City #3) by Sara Humphreys

    • Whew! Sorry for the early review. I realized after I posted it that this one doesn’t release until March. I really do need to go back to the beginning with both this and the Amoveo Legend series. I really did purchase the paperback of Amoveo Legacy a while ago. So happy to rediscover this world all over again. 😉

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