No Place that Far (The Distance Between Us #5) by L.A. Witt & Aleksandr Voinov

NoPlaceThatFarSometimes you only get one chance at a second chance.

Still finding his footing after a long-overdue divorce, Marcus is looking forward to some mind-numbing drinking while ogling the grooms at Chris and Julien’s wedding. He never expected his attention to be diverted by the gorgeous best man.

One of Julien’s French Foreign Legion buddies, Timur doesn’t speak much English, but language is no barrier to Marcus understanding exactly what the huge Tartar wants—a one-night stand.

Except that one night turns into two, three, then more, which puts Marcus on edge. After Timur is done house-sitting for the honeymooning couple, he’s headed back to the Legion for another five years. Like it or not, once Timur gets on that plane, the fling is over.

Unfortunately, Marcus forgot to tell his heart not to fall in love. And this time, if history repeats and he makes another wrong decision, he may never see his tattooed Legionnaire lover again.

Warning: Contains a soldier who makes up for his lack of English by using his hands to read his lover’s body; a chef-turned-bartender who no longer believes in love; a length of paracord that probably wasn’t meant to be used this way; and a couple of newlyweds who are game for some four-way play.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1This writing duo has me hooked… honestly. I’ve read several books by them both separately and together and I’ve never been disappointed. Their characters are ‘real’ – sorry, there’s just no other word for it. Even though I came into this series on the 5th book, I wasn’t lost at all. My only regret is not getting to know the previous characters better. That will be fixed though… soon.

Marcus was on the rebound. He had not only lost his husband, but he lost everything and practically everyone connected to the life he had with him. He wasn’t looking for a romance, but sometimes life has other plans.

Timur was adorable… in an alpha male sort of way. I loved his protectiveness over Marcus and his loyalty to his friends. Even though the story was told entirely from Marcus’ POV, I had no problem seeing where Timur’s feelings were headed.

Beyond the relationship between Timur and Marcus, the supporting characters added a lot to No Place That Far… some more than others. 😉 That pretty much reinforced the fact that I have some serious catching up… or back tracking to do.

And yes, it was pretty obvious that these two guys were going to end up together, but like all things, it’s not always the destination but the journey. That’s great because Marcus and Timur’s story was well worth the journey. 😉



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