Taming Tristan (Wild R Farm #3.5) by Silvia Violet

TamingTristanPrivate Detective, Wesley James, and horse shifter, Tristan Hayes, have spent the last few weeks adjusting to living together in Wes’s house in Nashville. Night after night with a demanding stallion is wearing Wes out, but he doesn’t mind. He loves Tristan more than he ever imagined, and he’ll do whatever it takes to show him, even if that involves a spanking, some handcuffs, and a visit to the gun range. Wes almost lost Tristan once, and no matter how difficult Tristan makes it, he’s determined to teach his man how to protect himself in his more fragile human form.

Oh Tristan and Wes… I love these guys. Of course, I love all the guys I’ve ‘met’ so far at Wild R Farm.

Taming Tristan is a fun little short that continues the story of Wes and Tristan that began in Embracing Need. The story definitely lives up to the title, although I’m not sure that Tristan will ever totally be tamed. What fun would that be? 😉

Regardless, I’m really glad that Silvia Violet decided to continue their story. Some characters you just can’t get enough of. Willing Hands is next in the series and two characters that are both a bit of a mystery are front and center. Can’t wait to get to know them better and spend more quality time at Wild R Farm. 😉


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