Of Wings and Wolves (Seasons of the Moon: Cain Chronicles #6) by S.M. Reine

OfWingsAndWolvesSummer Gresham knows that she’s different. After all, she’s the only twenty-year-old coed that shapeshifts into a wolf. But her unique nature is a well-hidden secret, so she’s baffled to be singled out for a prestigious internship. She’s even more stunned when she discovers that the man who wants to hire her—Nash Adamson—specifically requested Summer…and he won’t take no for an answer.

Nash has more than a few secrets of his own. Like Summer, he’s different, too: a rebel angel in exile. Summer is the key to his freedom, and her warmth and beauty stirs something inside of him that’s been sleeping for millennia. She almost makes him forget that he’s imprisoned.

Summer suddenly finds herself at the crux of an ancient war, and angels don’t care how many mortals get caught in the crossfire. Torn between saving Summer and freeing himself, Nash has to choose what matters most: their love, or his freedom.

Still playing catch up and still loving every minute of it. I’ve totally screwed up the reading order of S.M. Reine’s books. If you’d like to read the books chronologically, you can visit S.M. Reine’s site and start reading them in the correct order. (You can find that list here.) I, personally have bounced all over the place, but, like I said, I’m having fun playing catch up. 😉

To say that the premise of Of Wings and Wolves is unique would be an understatement. If you haven’t read the books in both the Seasons of the Moon and the Cain Chronicles, don’t read any further. Not only will this review be totally full of spoilers, you’ll be totally lost.

Basically, Summer and her twin brother Abram were whisked away by their great aunt to another dimension to keep them safe from people trying to destroy them at the end of DarkmoonOf Wings and Wolves picks up 20 years later (or a week or so, depending on which side of the dimension you were on.) I know, it sounds totally far-fetched and confusing, but it’s not. When you get wrapped up in this world created by S.M. Reine, it makes perfect sense. Honest.

I loved learning the story of how Nash and Summer met. (I’ve read everything in the wrong order, remember?) I also loved getting a little peek at what life had been like for Abram, Summer and their great aunt/grandmother. I couldn’t help but feel really sorry for them all. Abram and Summer grew up without their parents and Rylie and Abel missed out on watching their kids growing up.

Out of this pair of twins, Summer is definitely my favorite. Abram has a stubborn streak, but he’s also kind of gullible. Which get’s him in trouble both in Of Wings and Wolves and in the future… but since I don’t want to give anything away… 😉 This book also marks the first hint for me that S.M. Reine’s angels are anything but… well… angelic. At least not in a way that they are normally depicted.

I’m getting close to the end of the Cain Chronicles, which means I’m also almost done playing catch up. One more novella to go (Alpha Moon) and I’m ready to go back to the Descent series. Hopefully I can finish up before I start falling behind on the newest books in this world. That’s a lot harder than it may sound because not only is this author super talented, she also writes super, super fast. *sigh*



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