Hidden Illusions (The Hunted #2) by Amanda Shofner

HiddenIllusionsShe’s driven by one purpose

Janey Jones may have escaped the Hunters, but the scars they inflicted still mark her, inside and out. One goal keeps her moving forward: kill Captain Reed, the man who tortured her, destroyed her Gift, and murdered her mother. She’ll do anything to succeed.

He’s seen what blind ambition can do

Will Brown protects people. First his family, now the people he leads in the Gifted army. He knows what needs to be done to keep everyone safe: destroy the Hunters for good. And that’s exactly what he plans to do. The right way.

But one secret binds them, and its ramifications are explosive

When Will and Janey are thrown together, they’re forced to put aside their differences for a greater purpose: find a way to stay alive—and salvage the mission to cut the Hunters down, once and for all.

What they uncover will change their lives forever

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Wow… a lot happened in Hidden Illusions. I kind of wish I had done a quick re-read of Elusive Memories before I started, but it didn’t take me long to get up to speed. That doesn’t mean that I’m not eventually going to do a re-read though. This is one of those kinds of books (the once is not enough kind 😉 )

I have to be honest here… Janey kind of got on my nerves. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like her as a character. She had been through more than most people would have survived. She earned the right to handle things any way that worked for her. It’s just with Janey, everything was extreme. Knowing that and understanding why she acted out as much as she did, totally made me sympathize with Will in Hidden Illusions.

Janey hid a lot (understandably) from everyone, even people who knew her past. She had an agenda that she was blinded by. She had her own demons to take care of and was determined to not let anyone stand in her way.

So yeah, a lot happened in this book. There were secrets, betrayal, confrontations that were long overdue, action and a hint of romance. Hidden Illusions was definitely a page turner. It was also character driven and not just by Janey and Will. I loved the interactions between all the characters. I especially loved the way that Coop and Sam handled Janey. I also loved the not so subtle message that violence isn’t always the answer to violence.

This is the last book in the Hunted series and even though it came to a satisfying end, I’m kind of sad to say goodbye to these characters. Amanda Shofner has promised readers more books and longer series so I guess we’ll just have to patiently wait and see what she has in store for us next.




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