Embracing Need (Wild R Farm #3) by Silvia Violet

EmbracingNeedHorse shifter, Tristan Hayes, doesn’t believe in relationships. He believes in hot, sweaty one-night stands that leave him aching for days.

Private investigator, Wesley James, is looking for someone to settle down with, but it’s never occurred to him that someone could be a man.

Tristan loves a good game, so he flirts with Wes, never thinking anything serious will come of his attraction. Wes fends him off, but after three months of cat and mouse, both men are worn out from fighting what they feel.

When a young woman from Tristan’s herd goes missing, he asks for Wes’s help. Tristan keeps up his flirtatious façade until Wes calls his bluff, taking him out for dinner and dancing. As they search for the missing shifter, Tristan struggles to believe Wes could care for the man Tristan hides beneath his abrasive exterior.

I love these Wild R Farm boys and Tristan is one of my favorites. 😉 The attraction between Tristan and Wes was pretty comical when it seemed to be one-sided. Once Wes started returning the attraction, everything changed.

One thing I noticed in Embracing Need was that Tristan seemed to be ‘toned down’ a little. It wasn’t a drastic change and it may have been just me. It also may have been because readers were allowed to be inside his head. Regardless, I still loved him.

I also enjoyed getting to know Wes better. He was the perfect balance for Tristan. Once he stopped fighting the attraction, it was obvious that they were great for each other.

One of my favorite parts of this series is the sense of family that surrounds Wild R Farm. I love the interaction between the previous characters and the current characters. Family isn’t always blood, everyone deserves a second chance and once you’re a part of this unconventional family, there is always someone who has your back. Yeah, I love these guys. 😉

I’m currently playing catch-up with this series and can’t wait to get to the next book. I won’t be skipping Taming Tristan, the novella that falls between Embracing Need and Willing Hands. Who could resist spending more time with Tristan and Wes?


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