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Am I the only person round here who has weird dreams?

I know I’m not the only one to have the “I’m running late and keep getting further behind” dream, or the “I’m on stage/taking an exam and haven’t learned the lines/revised” variety.  But does anybody else have my vivid dreams about places, places which are always the same, places which my waking mind can’t connect to anywhere I’ve ever been?

My sleeping mind sometimes visits a village, Langley Vale, where we used to live, only it makes the location much more exciting. More shops, for one thing. I can understand that being a piece of wishful thinking, although my other shop related dreams are more confusing. I see them – and their locations – so clearly and I’m often walking around the same sort of places, with recurring layouts of interiors and decors. A small shoe shop in a row of Georgian style properties, one of which sells cakes and coffee; an old fashioned “Sells almost anything” type grocer, all white paint and large windows; a clothes retailer on two floors, with older style fashions. So am I perhaps remembering shops I was taken to as a child?

I have other recurring oddities. Living in a different house, one without a staircase to get to the upper floor. Going on holiday and staying somewhere peculiar, like in a house sized caravan that twists on its wheels.

And then there are the visitors. ..

Now, I don’t mind when a straight John Barrowman comes to call in my dream world, especially when he wants to take me out. Chris Hoy was very romantic when he visited, too. But Jonny Wilkinson? Complete disappointment. Came to my dream, brought his mother and helped me do a jigsaw. Yeah, great, isn’t it? Ian Thorpe was as bad – he just wanted to help unload the washing machine. Then there was Ioan Gruffudd – came driving up in a red Ferrari, wanted to take me for a spin and have a snog. I don’t even fancy Ioan Gruffudd, so he’d clearly turned up in the wrong dream.

Come on, reassure me. I’m not the only one who has a strange other life going on when they sleep. Am I?

About The Best Corpse for the Job

BestCorpseForTheJobTea and sympathy have never been so deadly.

School teacher Adam Matthews just wants to help select a new head teacher and go home. The governors at Lindenshaw St Crispin’s have already failed miserably at finding the right candidate, so it’s make or break this second time round. But when one of the applicants is found strangled in the school, what should have been a straight forward decision turns tempestuous as a flash flood in their small English village.

Inspector Robin Bright isn’t thrilled to be back at St. Crispin’s. Memories of his days there are foul enough without tossing in a complicated murder case. And that handsome young teacher has him reminding himself not to fraternize with a witness. But it’s not long before Robin is relying on Adam for more than just his testimony.

As secrets amongst the governors emerge and a second person turns up dead, Robin needs to focus less on Adam and more on his investigation. But there are too many suspects, too many lies, and too many loose ends. Before they know it, Robin and Adam are fighting for their lives  and  their hearts.  

About Charlie Cochrane

As Charlie Cochrane couldn’t be trusted to do any of her jobs of choice—like managing a rugby team—she writes, with titles published by Carina, Samhain, Bold Strokes, MLR and Cheyenne.

Charlie’s Cambridge Fellows Series of Edwardian romantic mysteries was instrumental in her being named Author of the Year 2009 by the review site Speak Its Name. She’s a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, Mystery People, International Thriller Writers Inc and is on the organising team for UK Meet for readers/writers of GLBT fiction. She regularly appears with The Deadly Dames.

Connect with Charlie:

Website • Blog • Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads


Every comment on this blog tour enters you in a drawing for an e-book from Charlie Cochrane’s backlist (excepting The Best Corpse for the Job). Entries close at midnight, Eastern time, on November 29.  Contest is NOT restricted to U.S. entries.

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11 comments on “Virtual Book Tour – The Best Corpse for the Job

  1. You’re on your own girl, with those very vivid and semi-realistic dreams. I know I dream (I think we all do) but I can’t remember them even moments after I’ve woken up. The only exception is those awful nights when it feels as though one is only half-asleep and constantly trying to complete something impossible, but even then I don’t remember the details. And I try to make sure I’m not reading anything scary before going to sleep, because I do think that one I’m reading can affect my early dreams — even if I can’t be sure!

    So I was sorry for Adam and Robin with their horrid dreams.

  2. Looking forward to the book, of course. However lifts hand — yes, I have recurring place dreams and have done for years. In these dreams I go to the same city. Don’t know the city (it probably doesn’t exist), but I do know my way around. I tend to do fairly mundane things when I’m there, go window shopping, or have a coffee, or catch up with friends (I have no idea who these people are). I have favourite coffee shops and restaurants and even, hell, a shoe shop (I’m not a shoe person). It’s as if every so often I just go visiting. Unfortunately, no hunks have ever shown up there to meet me. Sigh.

    • *nods* Yes, my activities in these recurring places are pretty mundane. My daughter has similar dreams and we had to compare the locations. Fortunately, we weren’t dreaming about the same imaginary place!

  3. I don’t usually dream (I’m usually told I by others that I probably do dream but don’t remember it) and when I do I wish I could resume the very good ones that I just want to explore. Once or twice it’s happened but that’s very rare. Like you I’ve had very realistic dreams with people I know but places that I’ve never been. Or I’ve been in places similar to those I’ve always around with one or so variation.

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