If Wishes Were Horses by Silvia Violet

WishesWereHorsesKenneth Carver had everything growing up except warmth and acceptance. When protecting his family’s name became more than he could bear, he came out as gay, sold his company, and bought a horse ranch.

Andrew Wofford’s last undercover assignment nearly cost him his sanity. Now he has another chance of catching the drug runner who killed one of his informants and then escaped, but gruesome flashbacks threaten his ability to function in the field.

Andy’s latest investigation sends him to Ken’s ranch where he poses as a ranch hand. Ken is a prime suspect, but Andy refuses to believe Ken is guilty, in part because Andy is falling for him. Ken knows Andy isn’t who he seems, but he can’t bring himself to push the man away. When Ken hears rumors that someone is using his land to move drugs out of the city, he worries that it’s Andy. Neither man can trust the other even though that’s exactly what their hearts tell them to do.

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about this one to begin with. Ken and Andy spent most of the book not trusting each other. It’s hard to build a relationship with a lack of trust. The thing that kept me hanging on in this story was he fact that even though they weren’t sure about each other, they had that ‘gut’ feeling that they were right.

Ken didn’t have it easy growing up. The perfect example that money isn’t everything. Andy had it a little bit easier, but mentally and emotionally he was a mess. These were definitely two men who needed each other. They just had a hard time admitting it.

The suspense in this one was perfect. The romance was heated and the supporting characters were great. If not for the fact that Ken and Andy wasted a lot of time hiding the truth from each other, it would have been perfect. I loved these two guys together and I can’t wait to see if the story continues from here. There are definitely a few characters that I would like to see more of.




Darkmoon (Seasons of the Moon: Cain Chronicles #5) by S.M. Reine

DarkmoonRylie Gresham has survived becoming a werewolf, going crazy from silver poisoning, and being hunted by her fiance’s family. But that was nothing compared to the challenge Rylie faces now: being pregnant…with twins. And it definitely doesn’t help that her fiance’s brother has declared himself the father, either.

The brothers, Seth and Abel, are at each other’s throat over Rylie, even as the twins are fast approaching term. But it may be too late for all of them. The government has revealed the existence of werewolves, threatening everything that Rylie holds dear. And the evil werewolf Cain is preparing for his final act of revenge: destroying the pack and stealing Rylie’s children.

When it comes to books in this series, or any other book by this author I could ramble on and on and on… It’s pretty much guaranteed that if I pick up a book by S.M. Reine, it won’t get put down unless I absolutely have no choice. Darkmoon was definitely no exception. I think out of all the books in the Seasons of the Moon: Cain Chronicles series, this one is my favorite.

Darkmoon starts where Red Rose Moon left off. In total and utter chaos… both physical and emotional. I’m not even really sure where to start. Up until this series I really didn’t like Abel. He’s grown on me though and in this book my heart broke for all three of them. I know that a lot of readers don’t like love triangles. I can take or leave them, depending on how they’re written. I guess it’s no surprise that I’m going to tell you that S.M. Reine writes it well. Rylie’s love for both Seth and Abel is beyond complicated. Her human heart chose Seth, but her wolf chose Abel. There’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s the ‘cliff notes’ version.

I think one of the things that I liked most about Darkmoon was that it’s now obvious that the ground is being laid for Reine’s Seasons of the Moon and Descent series to become intertwined. James played a prominent role in Darkmoon and I loved the interactions he had with the characters. It just reinforced the fact that once I’m finished playing catch up with this series and Descent, I’m going to have to start the Ascension series all over again.

Darkmoon was also the longest book in the Cain Chronicles so far. A lot happened. A lot that I saw coming and a lot that I didn’t expect. There were twists and turns and hints to the future that I now wonder if I would have picked up on if I had read the books in order. Hind sight is 20/20 so I doubt it. The stakes are higher, more lives are in danger and new threats are revealed. And for the record, S.M. Reine has no problem at all breaking her characters in two – and taking her readers down right along with them.

Of Wings and Wolves is next and I’m extremely glad that I have it ready and waiting. There’s still a lot to settle and the next book promises to fill in the blanks. I can’t really tell you what blanks those are, but I can tell you (again) that if you haven’t picked this series up yet, you really need to fix that.