Desired by the Alpha: Part 1 by Cassie Wright

DesiredByTheAlphaAlyssa’s life has turned into a nightmare. Stolen from her home and held prisoner at the Silver Dawn Cairn, she can only wait while the werewolves decide if death is more merciful than allowing her cursed heritage to manifest itself. 

Erich North is the alpha of the mighty Chicago Ink Cairn. There is no wolf he cannot defeat, but even he must bow to ancient lupine tradition. Reluctant and bitter, he’s come to the Silver Dawn to fulfill his political duty and sacrifice his heart. 

A chance meeting during the Full Moon Revel sets them on a course of soul-shaking pleasure and inescapable tragedy. For no matter how mind-blowing their mating, neither can avert their terrible fate that threatens to sweep them apart forever. 

Desired by the Alpha: Part One is a novella. It is the first entry in the three-part Desired serial. This story is for ages 18+ and is my steamiest series yet.

I liked the writing style, I liked the characters and I really liked the premise. Yet, this is another case of not getting quite enough.

As the description explains, Desired by the Alpha is a 3-part serial. Even though this installment is only 66 pages, a lot happens. With a few more pages, a lot of the blanks could have been filled in and readers could have become even more emotionally invested in the characters. *sigh*

I picked Desired by the Alpha: Part 1 up while it was free. As of the time of this review, it was 99¢. I really want to continue the story, but given that each installment is about the same length, I might hold out until the entire serial is released as 1 book. I really hope that happens because I really want to know how things work out for these characters.