Father Found (Daddy School #1) by Judith Arnold

FatherFoundJamie McCoy is the ultimate guy: thirty years old, carefree and professionally successful as the writer of a nationally syndicated humor column called “Guy Stuff.” Nine and a half months ago, he spent a week basking on the beach in Eluthera and indulging in a fling with a woman at the resort. Never did he expect to find the unplanned result of that fling—a healthy, wailing baby named Samantha—strapped into a car seat on his back porch, along with a suitcase full of diapers and infant apparel and a note informing Jamie that he’s her father.

Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. But first things first. He’s never fed a baby or changed a diaper in his life. He doesn’t own a crib or a stroller. In a panic, he phones the nearest hospital, where neonatal nurse Allison Winslow takes his call and tells him about a class she teaches called the Daddy School. 

Classes on how to be a dad are exactly what Jamie needs. But when he attends his first class and sees the tall, earnest, amazingly beautiful and even more amazingly competent Allison, he realizes that he might just need more from her than her lectures on how to hold a baby.

Jamie’s efforts to be a father to this precious baby touch Allison. His sense of humor amuses her. His striking good looks turn her on. But how can she trust the sort of guy who’d sleep with a stranger on vacation, without giving a thought to the consequences? How can she give her heart to such a reckless man?

I am not a reader who follows the crowd. I’m not a reader who is swayed by anyone’s opinion of a book. Yes, I have my trusted bloggers and readers that I depend on from time to time for reading recommendations, but I don’t always agree with them either. My taste is eclectic. Not only that, but I’m a very patient reader. I’ll give just about any book I pick up a fighting chance. Father Found was a book that I came very close to giving up on and that just makes me sad.

This is the first book written by Judith Arnold that I’ve read. I really liked her voice. It was easy to read, the characters were well developed and the story was good. So what made me almost give up on this book? I can sum it up in one word…. Allison. If you read any of the other reviews on this book you will see a theme. I swear I was not swayed by any of them. I just happen to share the same opinion. Allison just wasn’t a likable character. I can understand her having an opinion about Jamie’s character in the very beginning, but she never really lost that opinion of him. It got so bad that I got frustrated with Jamie because both he and Samantha deserved so much better. It’s hard to read and get into a romance when you’re routing for anyone else except for the ‘girl’ to get the ‘guy.’

Since this is the first book in the series, it was free and I actually liked the rest of the characters as well as the author’s writing style, I haven’t given up on the series. Who knows, Allison might redeem herself later in the series.



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