Possession (Fallen Angels #5) by J.R. Ward

PossessionWhen Cait Douglass resolves to get over her broken heart, throw off her inhibitions, and start really living, she’s unprepared for the two sensual men who cross her path. Torn between them, she doesn’t know which to choose–or what kind of dire consequences could follow.

Jim Heron, fallen angel and reluctant savior, is ahead in the war, but he puts everything at risk when he seeks to make a deal with the devil–literally. As yet another soul is unwittingly caught in the battle between him and the demon Devina, his fixation on an innocent trapped in Hell threatens to sidetrack him from his sacred duty…

Can good still prevail if true love makes a savior weak? And will a woman’s future be the key, or the curse, for all of humanity? Only time, and hearts, will tell.

This one took me a while to read…. and not just because it’s over 550 pages. I have to admit it took me a while to get into. But, once I did, there was no putting it down.

J.R. Ward’s angels are not your typical white winged, reverent, harp playing variety. At least not the fallen ones. Especially not Jim. To say that Jim was a reluctant savior was putting it mildly. He was in this war because he had no choice. Even so, he took the game seriously up until this point. In Possession, he let it all slide because of the one soul he felt responsible for losing. That one act changed everything.

I’d love to tell you what the turning point was for me, but I can’t. That would give too much away. Just know that at about half-way through you need to start paying attention. I totally didn’t see it coming, so wait for it. There wasn’t a whole lot of interaction between the soul that needed to be saved in Possession and the fallen angels. That’s partially because Jim just wasn’t focused. Readers did get to spend a lot more quality time with Adrian though and that’s never a bad thing.

The romance was great and I liked Cait and her guy…. sorry, can’t tell you which was my favorite. You’ll just have to read to the end to find out. 😉 Things got twisted in a drama filled way for pretty much everyone. There were unexpected losses and there’s more to Sissy than I expected and more to come. Devina was her usual evil, neurotic self and there were some unexpected appearances… and transformations that made things interesting. I also enjoyed the reactions and descriptions of unknowing characters when they interact with some BDB characters that appear from time to time.

The last book in this series is going to be released soon. Immortal has a lot of ground to cover and a lot of loose ends to tie up. I’ll probably wait until the paperback is released to read it. I will pick it up though. Not only do I have to keep my set complete, but I just have to know how this all plays out.



2 comments on “Possession (Fallen Angels #5) by J.R. Ward

    • I love this series too… even though this one took me a little longer to get through. I blame a lot of that on the fact that I started it before Bout-of-Books and couldn’t pick it up again until it was over. *sigh*

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