The Unexpected Gift (The Hunted #1.5) by Amanda Shofner

UnexpectedGiftWhen Michael “Coop” Cooper gave up his Gift, he was told it’d be forever. And he accepted it. Years later, the sacrifice doesn’t seem so terrible: he’s learned to survive without it, he’s gained the necessary intel to begin building a Gifted army, and he found the woman he intends to claim for his own.

In the middle of their recruitment process, his Gift comes back. Unexpectedly. But rather than celebrating the impossible, Coop’s carefully laid plans are about to come to naught… unless he can find a way to survive and make it right.

I loved the first book in The Hunted series. Maybe the reason I picked up this novella before I even finished Elusive Memories was because I knew that one book about these two wasn’t going to be enough. Regardless, I wasn’t disappointed.

The Unexpected Gift is told from Coop’s POV. I liked that switch. Getting his gift back caught everyone off guard,  but Sam’s response threw Coop’s world in a tail spin. I loved this extra little glimpse into the world. It added another interesting layer and let readers in on where some of the other characters were since Elusive Memories ended.

In case you’re curious, I still want more time with Coop and Sam, but I know that there is a lot more to come and I probably haven’t seen the last of them. The Unexpected Gift was a nice treat. Now I’ll patiently wait for the next installment. Janey’s story is sure to be interesting and we don’t have too much longer to wait. *runs to stalk author*



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