Arresting Love (Wild R Farm #2) by Silvia Violet – Bout-of-Books 11.0 Review

ArrestingLoveBilly Lawson is jealous. Every day he watches his boss, Cole, and his boss’s lover, Jonah, prove again and again how deeply in love they are. Billy’s never had a real relationship, and he didn’t believe true love existed until Cole proved otherwise. Now, he longs for what Cole and Jonah have.

When he meets Levi, a scared, wounded shifter who needs his help, he ignores the chemistry that flares between them, thinking he’d be taking advantage of Levi at a vulnerable time in his life. Before Levi can convince Billy they were made for each other, his past catches up to him, and both men must fight for a chance at love.

Arresting Love is the second book in Silvia Violet’s Wild R Farm series. I loved Billy in Cole and Jonah’s book, Finding Release. Not only did he love and respect Cole, he was one of the few people willing (and brave enough) to put him in his place. I was really happy when I realized that readers weren’t going to have to wait for him to get his HEA.

I really liked Levi, even though I wanted to shake him for not trusting Billy enough with his secrets. It wasn’t even Levi’s secrets that kept pushing Billy away. It was because he didn’t want to get hurt and didn’t want to take advantage of Levi. Turns out Levi knew exactly what he wanted and he was a lot stronger than anyone thought.

Even though this was Levi and Billy’s story, we got to spend some quality time with the other characters. I loved the glimpses we got of Jonah and Cole. There were a couple of new characters and a couple that made a return. I think that’s one of the things I like most about a series. Just because you finish one book doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to those characters that drew you in to begin with. I think I’m going to enjoy my time on Wild R Farm. đŸ˜‰

The next book in the series is Embracing Need, followed by the novella Taming Tristan. Some of the funniest moments in Arresting Love were between Tristan and Billy, so I’m really looking forward to getting to know Tristan even better.



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