The Field of Someone Else’s Dreams (Saugatuck #0.5) by Amelia C. Gormley

FieldofSomeoneElsesDreamsChris Boyden loved Matt VanderVeen since junior high. But growing up gay in the Bible belt of west Michigan was difficult, and unlike Matt, he wasn’t brave enough to face the prejudice head-on. Especially when his family told him over and over that he wouldn’t be able to attend college without a scholarship.

Back in high school, he worried that coming out would get him kicked off the baseball team or make recruiters reluctant to scout him. Eventually, Matt broke up with him when he couldn’t handle being Chris’s secret boyfriend any longer, but college has given them a second chance — if Chris has the courage to take it.

When a terrible injury puts Chris’s baseball scholarship in jeopardy, it reminds Chris of all the reasons he stayed in the closet to begin with, and his ultra-masculine father’s expectations and thoughtless homophobia aren’t helping. Baseball has always been Chris’s hope for the future, but now that dream could cost him Matt’s love.

NOTE: This eBook novelette is a re-release. It was originally published by the Goodreads M/M Romance group as part of their Love Has No Boundaries event in June 2013.

I kind of read this book out of order, but that’s actually okay. Even though the events The Field of Someone Else’s Dreams happen before the events in Saugatuck Summer, nothing is given away. This one is great if you want a taste of either Amelia C. Gormley’ or the Saugatuck series. Since I already had both, the main thing that I walked away from this short sweet read was hoping there was more.

That’s not saying that The Field of Someone Else’s Dreams was lacking. It wasn’t. It gave readers the perfect amount of story revolving around Matt and Chris. Their back story was given in mini flashbacks that worked well. The fact that Matt cared enough to give Chris another chance. Chris’ inner battle was understandable. To say I wasn’t a fan of his parents would be putting it mildly. These two boys may have grown up together, but they had totally different backgrounds.

If you’re looking for a quick read (only about 50 or so pages) this one is perfect. This isn’t even really a set-up for Saugatuck Summer, just a little side step into the lives of characters that went to school together. One can definitely be read without the other, but I’m glad that I picked this one up. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more books by this author. 😉



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