The Current Between Us by Kindle Alexander

CurrentBetweenUsGage Synclair, international, hard-hitting investigative photojournalist, is preparing for the final special report of his career…a story of deception and murder six long years in the making. And after ten years in some of the worst parts of the world, he’s ready to settle life down and open an art gallery in his hometown of Chicago. The only thing getting in his way, he needs to find a competent electrician to finish the job before his grand opening.

Trent Cooper, electrical contractor, is surprised by the last minute request for a fast-paced electrical remodel, wanting nothing more than to get his foot in the door with Layne Construction. Being gay in the construction industry isn’t easy, nor is being father to his two young adopted children. Trent keeps his life in separate zones to avoid a short circuit. But when the gallery owner propositions him on the first day, Trent can’t help but think his worlds are a little too close for comfort.

Will their high-voltage passion spark everlasting love or will their lives break the circuit between them forever?

The Current Between Us marks my first Kindle Alexander book. Crazy, right? Especially considering how many M/M Romances I have under my belt. Regardless of how long it’s taken me to finally pick one up, I can promise you that it won’t be my last.

I should also let you know going into this review that I am a sucker for kids being a part of the story. There are a lot of authors that just add kids for the sake of having them there. Those aren’t the stories I’m talking about. I’m referring to the ones that include the kids and make them an integral part of the story. I’m drawn in when the kids have personality and add to the dialogue. I’m not a ‘children should be seen and not heard’ kind of person in real life and it carries over into my reading life too. Kindle Alexander did a great job with Em and Hunter. They won me over in the first chapter.

As for the romance? I have to be honest. There were times that I felt that Gage was a little over the top. I understood him though. His reaction to Trent was totally unexpected and he was totally unprepared. He was a man who always got what he wanted. The thing that really won me over as far as he was concerned was the response that came from his parents. Their reaction to Gage’s relationship to Trent pretty much said it all.

And then there was Trent. He won me over in that first chapter right along with Em and Hunter. He was honest and totally dedicated to the well-being of his kids. Make no mistake, regardless of how they came into his life, Em and Hunter were his. Gage won major brownie points with Trent with his interactions with Em and Hunter. He wormed his way into my heart at about the same time that he did with Trent.

The supporting characters were great. Besides Gage’s parents he also had a very close family full of siblings and nieces and nephews. Rhonny and Aunt Crazy rounded out the cast. I pretty much loved them all.

Then there was the twist…. I knew it was coming. Well not exactly ‘it’ but something. From the bits and pieces of reviews that I read I knew it was something major that readers either loved or hated. I have to admit that I was scared for this couple. I had a slight inkling but I was still totally unprepared. It was one of those things that you aren’t quite sure exactly how the characters can recover from. *sigh*

All in all I consider my time reading The Current Between Us to have been well spent. Yeah, Gage was a little over the top at times but since he had no idea how to handle the raw attraction he felt toward Trent I can forgive him for it. The story, the suspense, the romance and the well written family dynamic more than make up for it. 😉



2 comments on “The Current Between Us by Kindle Alexander

  1. Thank you so much for the review! I’m so glad you like Trent and Gage. I love them. And I’m so glad you didnt see that twist coming. I hate figuring out things from the beginning. YAY! THANK YOU so much!

    • Thanks Kindle. Glad you stopped by. I knew that there was something coming and I kind of had an inkling but I was in no way prepared it. The family dynamic was great and the kids were perfect. Well done!

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