Wolf Hunger (Dragon Heat #3) by Ella J. Phoenix

WolfHungerWhen the last box of deadly bullets is stolen, the hunt is on and the Vampire King’s band of fighters is set for the challenge of recovering it. But Yara, the shifter-witch, has other problems to face. She must help her leader to overcome the strange illness that has befallen her before it’s too late. For that, she must go back to the only place she swore never to return – her home land.

Rafe is a typical lone wolf who spends his nights earning his bucks in the fighting ring. When he was offered a pardon for his debts in exchange for the Vampire King’s head, he didn’t even blink, thinking it would be a hard mission but not impossible. He just wasn’t expecting the saucy shifter-witch to cross his path and ruin his plans. Now, he can’t get her out of his mind and the clock is ticking for him to make good on his word. 

This is the third novel of the Dragon Heat series – a paranormal lover’s delight with vampires, shifters, dragons, witches and much more. 

This is one series that I can honestly say gets just a little bit better with each CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1installment. Dragon Heat introduced the series, the characters and the world of Dragon Heat. Zoricah and Tardieh were also the most obvious place to begin. Sam and Hikuro were next in Vampire Thirst and their story continued the momentum. Wolf Hunger not only brings more players in but builds up the suspense. Even though the previous characters aren’t front and center, their story continues and they’re developing right along with the plot. I love it when that happens. 😉

I have to admit that there were times that I wasn’t quite sure about Rafe. I knew he had good intentions, but I also understood why Yara didn’t quite trust him. Mostly because I didn’t for a good portion of the book. Yes, he had his reasons for doing what he did and he also had his reasons for not caring one way or another what happened to Tardieh. The problem was that I did so therefore Rafe had a lot of work to do to finally win me over.

The banter and interactions between these characters is one of the things that I like most about this series. These ‘families’ have melded together in a unique way. In a short amount of time Zoricah’s ‘family’ and Tardieh’s ‘family’ have become one. I love the way that they have come to both love, respect and support each other. One character in particular tugged at my heart in this book and it wasn’t Rafe or Yara. Their heart wasn’t simply broken, but pretty much crushed and I want them to get their HEA sooner rather than later. *sigh*

There was a lot more going on in Wolf Hunger than the hunt for the bullets and who was targeting the King. Some pretty amazing stuff actually, which unfortunately, in the interest of keeping my review spoiler free, I can’t talk about. This story is far from over… for any of the characters. The story arc between Rafe and Yara came to a satisfying close but readers were left with a lot of unanswered questions. For a lot of reasons I can’t wait for the next book in the Dragon Heat series.



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