Tank (Blue-Collar Billionaires #1) by M. Malone

TankI used to think I had it all under control. Then a letter from the father I haven’t seen in years changes everything. The only thing keeping my head above water is Emma. She’s the one true and honest thing in my life. I don’t need the money. I sure as hell don’t need a father. 

The only thing I need… is her.

Tank Marshall has thirty days to meet his dying father or he loses his inheritance forever. He hates his deadbeat dad but his mother needs surgery and he’d do anything for her. Even dance with the devil. 

Emma Shaw dreams of a new life, away from the tragedy of her past but she’s too broke to afford dreams. Until she gets the job of a lifetime, coaxing a rich client’s estranged son back into the fold. One meeting for $1 million. It’s the deal of a lifetime.

Until she’s lying to the only man who makes her feel safe.

This is my first M. Malone book and it definitely won’t be my last. I now NEED to know what happens next.

The characters in this book definitely made the story. With the exception of Emma’s sister (the jury is still out on her) and her ‘boyfriend’ I pretty much liked them all.

As for the story, yeah, it was kind of predictable, but sometimes it’s the journey, not to destination. Both Tank and Emma had their reasons for doing what they did. Even Emma’s ‘lying’ wasn’t really ‘lying’ – it’s one of those scenarios that once you read you’ll totally understand.

The good news is that even though Emma and Tank’s story is over there’s a lot more to come. Four brother’s worth to be exact and I can’t wait to get to know them all better. 😉

AlphasAfterDarkI consider this another hit in the Alphas After Dark boxed set. Only a couple more to go. I’ll be skipping a couple of them for now. Not because they don’t peak my interest. It’s mainly because they fall later in series that I haven’t read yet. You know how I feel about reading books out of order….


2 comments on “Tank (Blue-Collar Billionaires #1) by M. Malone

    • It’s not like it would be the first time I’ve done it, but I try to avoid it if I can 😉 And you’re right. A lot of novella’s, regardless of where they fall in a series, have gotten me hooked.

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