Torn by Fury (Ascension #6) by S.M. Reine

TornByFuryElise Kavanagh is marching on New Eden, the city angels have built from the bones of human victims. She’s hellbent on making them atone for their sins–no matter the cost. Rylie Gresham has realized that werewolves are the key to defeating angels. They’re apex predators, designed to bring powerful, immortal beings to heel. She has no choice but to follow Elise into war against Heaven…especially since it’s the only way to protect her family from complete annihilation. The angels are prepared to defend themselves. Their magic will tear the universe apart. And if they have their way, there will soon be no Earth left to save.

This might be the shortest review I’ve ever written for any of the books in the Ascension series. Not because I have nothing to say. More because I’m afraid to say anything. I guess I have some explaining to do, huh?

So much happened to so many people in Torn by Fury. Even if I didn’t know that this book is planned to be the next to the last in the series, I’d know by the way the story unfolded that we’re nearing the end. The only thing I don’t know is exactly how S.M. Reine plans to fix everything for everyone in just one more book. And there are things that HAVE to be fixed. Seriously… Please?!?

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1The author took the ‘Authors Are Evil’ statement about as far as she could in Torn by Fury. The action didn’t stop, the unthinkable happened and it turns out no one is safe. See why I can’t say any more? My jaw dropped in this book more than once. Forget a mere cliff hanger, that wasn’t enough. Torn by Fury ended in at least 3 or more if you count the lives that are still hanging in the balance from previous books. I’m honestly torn between wanting the next book yesterday, if not sooner, and being afraid to see what happens next.

So there you have it. My vain attempt at putting into words how much this book made me feel without giving anything away. Again, if you haven’t picked up a book by S.M. Reine yet, you need to… sooner rather than later. Just make sure you start from the beginning. Get to know Riley in Seasons of the Moon and Elise in Descent so you can truly appreciate their worlds colliding in Ascension.



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