And the Winner is…..

boutofbooks1BlogBout-of-Books 10.0 may be over, but once it is the real fun for me begins. I get to help the Grand Prize Winner create something all their own. This Bout-of-Books winner was Beth at Beth’s Books. She decided she wanted new graphics for her blog and she had a couple of really good ideas to get me started.

After narrowing down the basic graphics we started with the header. This is what we came up with… Tada!

BethsBooksBlogHeaderFinalSince the girl holding the book was central to the design, we built the rest of her designs from there. She now has brand new Twitter, Tumblr and Goodreads icons to help people follow her everywhere 😉

BethsTwitterIconBethsTumblrIconBethsGRIconBethsBooksButtonSmallLast, but definitely not least, Beth’s Books also got a new avi that she can use on her blog, Twitter and anywhere else she wants. If you see her around, be sure and congratulate her on winning and let her know what you think about her brand new graphics. Oh, and keep an eye on the Bout-of-Books site. The next read-a-thon is in August. Hope to see you there! 😉


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