Bout-of-Books 10.0 Wrap-up

boutofbooks1BlogWell, this was an interesting Bout-of-Books. Turns out, I can’t work semi-full-time, watch my grand daughter AND read a gazillion books all in one week. Okay, maybe ‘gazillion’ is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

Regardless of my lack of reading mojo, I still had a great week and all things considered I’m not disappointed in my progress. I even only strayed once from my predetermined list. That’s got to be a record. I did review every book that I read and got them all posted within the week. I also ONLY read books off of my 2014 Seriously Series Challenge list. And the very best part is that I managed to not only cross 4 books off that list I actually crossed an entire series off the list with one of the books I read. Yay!

The only thing that I really regret is that I didn’t get to participate in any Twitter Chats (I heard they were epic.) I also only got around to participating in one challenge. That makes me sad too because some of them were really creative. *sigh* I did meet a few new bloggers and found a couple of new reads to add to my TBR list.

So what did I read this week? It kinda turned into a ‘S.M. Reine Read-a-thon.’ That was totally unintentional, but once I picked one up I had to pick up the next. Morganville Vampires did make it on my list and I’m sadly coming near the end of that series as well. Here’s what I read last week:

  1. The Darkest Gate (Descent #2) by SM Reine (322 Pages)
  2. Gray Moon Rising (Seasons of the Moon #4) by SM Reine (209 Pages)
  3. New Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon: Cain Chronicles, #1) by S.M. Reine (53 Pages)
  4. Bite Club (Morganville Vampires #10) by Rachel Caine (340 Pages)

My page count total came to 924, which isn’t too bad I suppose.

Now I get to play some more. I’ve already been in touch with the Bout-of-Books 10.0 Grand Prize winner and we’ve started working on dressing up her blog. Stay tuned! Beth at Beth’s Books will have brand new graphics to show off within the next week or so. We’ll both let you know when we’re done ‘playing’ 😉

So how did you do during Bout-of-Books 10.0. Feel free to share. This was the biggest Bout-of-Books yet and I couldn’t be more excited about that. Be sure to drop a huge ‘Thank you!’ to Kelly and Amanda. They work really hard to keep things organized before during and after the event and deserve it. ❤


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3 comments on “Bout-of-Books 10.0 Wrap-up

    • I think that this might be the least amount that I’ve read during a Bout-of-Books but since I didn’t have an ‘official’ goal, I’m OK with that. Right now I’m having fun playing with artwork for the Bout-of-Books Grand Prize winner. ❤ That's one of my favorite parts, especially when the winner is excited 😉

  1. The weekend chat was about what I’ve come to expect from Bout of Books chats, but Monday’s was in a whole different realm of crazy. I probably only read about 10% of the tweets that came through because they were just moving way too fast. Sorry you had to miss them!

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