New Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon: Cain Chronicles #1) by S.M. Reine – Bout-of-Books 10.0 Review

NewMoonSummerRylie is Alpha: the leader of the werewolves. They’re an endangered species living in a sanctuary, and she’s guarded them for two peaceful years.

The peace is shattered when somebody sends Rylie a threatening silver bullet. A new member of the pack goes missing. And to make things worse, her inner beast is strangely attracted to her boyfriend’s brother, leaving her torn between the love of two men–one of them a werewolf, and the other a former hunter.

Okay, I admit it. I finished the last book in the Seasons of the Moon series and I just couldn’t say goodbye. Crazy, I know, but such is the life of a book addict 😉

The approach of this series is a little different than the Seasons of the Moon. Basically because the first 4 installments are short (this one was only 53 pages.) That doesn’t mean that it is lacking though. An awful lot happened in those 53 pages. The pack has fallen into a routine and they’re even growing in numbers. Both sanctuaries are running full force with Rylie watching over the wolves in her pack. She’s still not comfortable running things alone, but she has plenty of support from both Seth and Abel.

In true S.M. Reine fashion, things don’t stay peaceful for long. There’s tension within the pack and danger from outside it. Then there’s the fact that there’s something going on between Rylie and Abel that even they’re not sure about. I’m not sure I’m happy with where things are going – even knowing where they end up (just another friendly warning to read these series in the right order.)

CainChroniclesI picked up the first book in this series by itself then I immediately got my hands on the box set that contains books 1-4. It’s about the size of a short novel combined (246 pages) and it’s really broken up into ‘episodes’ instead of books. I’m pretty sure that’s how I’m going to read and review the rest of it. Mainly because the cliff hanger in New Moon Summer was brutal… o.O




2 comments on “New Moon Summer (Seasons of the Moon: Cain Chronicles #1) by S.M. Reine – Bout-of-Books 10.0 Review

    • Yeah, that’s why I’m thinking that I might just read the whole box set and review it like that. I did this one separate because 1) I didn’t realize exactly short it was and 2) I read it as part of Bout-of-Books and I like to keep all those reviews together. Anal, I know, but that’s me 😉

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