Crimson Midnight (Crimson #1) by Amos Cassidy ~ Review Tour


CrimsonMidnightFor Rose, the move to London is supposed to be a fresh start. With her best friend Faye in tow, she is ready to start a new chapter in her life. 
Moving in with her godmother, Flo, and her two sons, Rose is set to begin her new life. But the future holds more surprises than she bargained for… 
Rose soon discovers a darker side to London, a secret that has been hidden for centuries, a world that she, too, is a part of. Unexpected friendships are forged and unwanted, sometimes dangerous, attractions flare.

London becomes a playground for magic, danger and supernatural threats. While her life, and those of who she loves, hangs in the balance, she must endeavor to embrace her new nature and assist in identifying the hidden danger before it succeeds in its dark purpose. 

An Urban Fantasy filled with moon-praising, flat-dwelling vampires, chic corporate werewolves, bar-tending warlocks, ravenous demons and much, much more. 

I’m not exactly sure what I expected when I first picked up Crimson Midnight. Even though this isn’t the first book by the Amos Cassidy duo that I’ve read, I still wasn’t prepared. I don’t even know where to begin with this review – mainly because I don’t want to give anything away. I promise not to be any more vague than I need to be….

Rose was an amazing character. From the minute she was introduced I knew I was going to love her. She was strong, smart, witty and it was all wrapped up in a whole bunch of snark… my favorite kind of character.

Then there was the world building. I’ve said before that I love when authors put their own personal twist on familiar worlds. That promises to be true in the Crimson series. There were countless supernatural beings along with rules and laws that needed to be abided by. Anyone familiar with anything connected with the supernatural world knows that where there are rules and laws there are always those ready, willing and determined to break or change them. Yeah, Crimson Midnight had that too…

Even with awesome world building and a kick-ass character, if the supporting characters aren’t there to back all that up a story can fall flat in a heart beat. No worries guys. Even though this book is jam packed full of characters, and at times a little hard to keep track of who is who I loved every single one of them. Even the ones I was supposed to hate, that is until they did something that made me really hate them. Then the ones that I was supposed to hate did something that made me love them… a lot of that happened too….

Oh, and don’t even think about picking Crimson Midnight up on a lark and not continuing the series. Can you say ‘cliff hanger?’ If not, you better learn. Readers are left hanging big time and so is the fate of some very key characters. I got so wrapped up in this story that half way through I picked up Crimson Darkness and Crimson Dawn. I am so glad that I did.

If you want to see how other people feel about Crimson Midnight, you don’t have to go searching around for reviews. Even though I picked up up my copy and started reading it on my own before it was even announced, I’m posting my review as part of the Crimson Midnight Review Tour. You can find the review post HERE along with links to a rafflecopter contest and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. Enjoy 😉


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