That Reminds Me…

ThatRemindsMeWe’ve all had that moment. You know the one. You hear a song and it almost always takes you back to a certain place or time. Or you smell a flower or something baking and someone or something special always comes to mind. Given the fact that this blog is devoted to books, I bet you can see where this is going. 😉

Are there any seemingly innocent things that you see, hear or even smell that bring to mind a specific character, scene or even an entire book or series? I’ve got dozens and since this was all my idea, I’ll start things off. Some of them are pretty obvious, but some are just silly little things that stuck with me for whatever reason.

  • Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream – Not a specific brand, any ice cream that I see that incorporates these cookies ALWAYS makes me think of Matthew and Kiernan in Diana Copland’s A Reason to Believe.
  • Coin-operated Crane Machines – You know those machines that are impossible to win anything from? Thanks to the writing duo of Amos Cassidy I can’t walk past one without looking for a certain bear. You’ll have to read The Rain: Rebirth to find out why.
  • Puffer Fish – I can’t even hear the name with out smiling. If you’ve read any books in Jodi Redford’s That Old Black Magic series you’re probably giggling right now too. If not, Maximum Witch will explain everything. 😉
  • Ouija Boards – *shivers* I have two books that I think about when I see a Ouija board. Michelle Muto’s The Haunting Season and J.L. Bryan’s Unseen. *shivers more* My daughter is still asking me for one and I am even more firmly telling her NO! NEVER! ARE YOU CRAZY?!?

Some of these things the authors probably knew would be memorable, but I’m willing to guess that some of them just happened and for whatever reason they just stuck with me. Whatever caught my attention may not mean as much to anyone else when they read the same book. That’s all part of the magic, right? Feel free to share some of your ‘memorable’ book moments and whatever reminds you of them. Inquiring minds (or at least this one) want to know. 😉

By creativedeeds

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