Bound to be a Groom by Megan Mulry

BoundToBeAGroomSometimes our wildest dreams come true.

In the tumultuous summer of 1808, Spain and England are close to war and four young lovers are close to ecstasy.

To carve out an independent life with the woman she loves, ANNA knows she must leave her quiet Spanish convent to become a courtesan. To gain experience, she sets her sights on . . .

SEBASTIAN, whose powerful, aristocratic confidence suits Anna’s mercenary goals. But his arrogance masks a craving for submission that Anna instinctively satisfies. Sebastian soon begs for her hand in marriage, even if it means sharing her with . . .

PIA, who trusts Anna completely—with her body and her future—until she learns of Anna’s hasty marriage. Pia questions their commitment to each other as they leave for London to meet . . .

FARLEIGH, the seemingly feckless duke who thinks he’s over Sebastian, the potent Spanish soldier he bedded two years ago.

What begins as a series of erotic escapades soon evolves into a deep, unbreakable bond. Two men and two women who yearn to explore are about to make their wildest dreams come true.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I passed this book by a couple of times when I was scrolling for my next review book. Historical isn’t a genre that I normally lean toward, but for some reason, this one just made me want to take a chance on it. The description is intriguing, but it didn’t come close to how much fun this book turned out to be.

I loved Anna and Pia from the beginning. I have to admit that part of the reason why I don’t normally pick up Historical Romance is because of the way women are treated. I think that’s why I loved them so much. Anna was definitely the most strong willed and confident of the two. She wasn’t the type to sit back and let circumstance dictate her life. From the time she let Pia know how she really felt about her and those feelings were reciprocated, she had a mission. The trust and devotion between these two characters was what pulled me in.

From the description you can tell that this isn’t your average Historical Romance and to be honest, that kind of had me worried about it too. How exactly was this going to play out? What chain of events could possibly bring these four together in a way that even remotely made sense? As soon as Anna met Sebastian any qualms that I had left, totally disappeared and I found myself getting wrapped up in the emotions and personalities as I got to know the characters. Sebastian and Anna’s first meeting was both heated and comical. I loved Anna’s wit and Sebastian’s charm. They were the perfect match, whether Anna knew it or not.

There were bumps along the way, which given the inevitable scenario was understandable. The love and trust that began to build between them was fun to watch and through it all, Anna’s spunk and unwillingness to allow things not to work out were at the center. By the time Farleigh was introduced I was totally in love with all of them. The supporting characters were another great addition to this story. (I loved Farleigh’s mother.)

Basically Bound to be a Groom was a fun story that wouldn’t have worked nearly as well if it didn’t take place in an historical setting. I might just have to change my mind about Historical Romance and give a few more a try. The prequel novella to this book, Bound to be a Bride, would probably be an excellent place to start. 😉

Bound to be a Groom is set to release in April of 2014. 



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