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toptentuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created & hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I don’t participate in a lot of meme’s, but when I run across one that has a theme or question that I can relate to I jump right in. This week’s question did just that…

Top Ten Worlds I Would Never Want To Live In

I’ve often thought about this when I read books. As much as I love being entertained by the amazing world building that some of my favorite authors have created, there is no way that I would want to live in those worlds. So which ones made my top ten?

  1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – This one seemed to make a lot of lists this week – for obvious reasons. From a mother’s stand point, especially. Being a parent is scary enough, but knowing there is a real possibility that you may have to sacrifice your child or children… *shivers*
  2. Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews – As amazing and complex as this world is and as much as I love the characters, there is no way that I would want to be at the mercy of magic the way that this world is. I don’t think I’d survive long.
  3. Elemental Assassin by Jennifer Estep – Yeah, I love Gin and crew a lot, but their world is just too violent. Take those characters out of the world and I’d love to spend some quality time with them 😉
  4. Blood of Eden by Julie Kagawa – Dark, unforgiving and violent. This is another world that is amazingly creative, but not one that I would survive in for long. There’s nothing sparkly about Julie Kagawa’s vampires.
  5. Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine – If I could stay in Glass House with Shane, Claire, Michael and Eve? Maybe…
  6. Ascension by S.M. Reine – I love this author’s world building and the characters are amazing. The good vs. evil in this world has very blurred lines and as much as I love the characters… yeah, until they find a way to keep the gates of Hell closed – I don’t think so.
  7. The Chemical Garden by Lauren DeStefano – This world was just plain scary. I can’t imagine knowing that you weren’t going to survive past 20 or 25. Not to mention everything else that these characters had to go through. *sigh*
  8. Gone with the Respiration by Lia Habel – I am not ashamed to admit that I am not a zombie girl. Dearly, Departed was the very first zombie book that I read and it is still one of my favorites, but there is just no way I’d want to take a step within those pages.
  9. The Unseen by J.L. Bryan – A world where all the scary stuff in your head isn’t really just in your head? No thanks.
  10. Branded by Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki – This one was almost too dark for me to read… the world was segregated by the 7 Deadly Sins and the ones accused were thrown in the ‘Hole’ and branded with the sin they were accused of committing. I’d hate to live in a world where this was the accepted norm.

So, how about you? Would you like to spend time in any of these worlds? What worlds or places are your favorites to read about but you wouldn’t want to go there? Join in the fun and share. 😉

By creativedeeds

9 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I think that The Hunger Games made almost everyone’s list this week… Not surprising really, because I can’t imagine living in the fear of your name being called on Reaping Day. Or the name of one of your children. I wouldn’t want to raise a kid in a world like that!

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  3. I completely agree with your pick of Dearly, Departed. While Victorian times fascinate me, the idea of a futuristic zombie illness is just scary. Almost as scary as mob mentality.

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