Beauty’s Beasts (Stonebrood Saga #2) by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Family history can be fatal.BeautysBeasts

Riley Carson Connors is yanked out of Pittsburgh and coaxed to New York by two tall, sexy strangers. Nicholas Sherwood and Damian are the only people in the world who know anything about her parents, and what they know is terrifying. She must face a powerful enemy who killed both her parents, who were the best demon hunters of their era.

But while the truth about Riley’s family history is a powerful magnet, Damian and Nicholas prove to be even more compelling. Former lovers and brought together only because they gave their word to her mother to protect Riley, the two powerful vampires play erotic mind games with her. Each has a hidden sexual agenda that Riley can’t begin to guess, but seems to involve driving her out of her mind with the sort of pleasure only a centuries-old lover would know how to give.

Warning: This story features two super hot alpha vampire heroes, multiple sex scenes, including anal sex, MM sexual play, MMF sex and the use of sex toys. Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you.
No vampires or demon hunters came to harm in the making of this book. Gargoyles have been added to the official hunt list, however…

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I can honestly say that I liked Beauty’s Beasts better than Carson’s Night. I kind of expected that though. Carson’s Night was technically the first book in the series, but it really felt me like a prequel. I think I got that impression since it took place more than 20 years before Beauty’s Beasts began. This one added a lot more depth to the story and even though Carson and Talla are no longer in the picture, my hope that readers would get to know the characters a little better came true.

Beauty’s Beasts was also a heart breaking story, which went way beyond just the loss of Carson and Talla. There was plenty of action, a few twists that caught me totally off guard and more than enough eat to totally warrant the warning in the description, so pay attention! There were also times that the story kind of lost me (I blame that on trying to keep up with two sexy vamps – so the author’s forgiven. 😉 ) I also thought more than once the circumstances and actions of the characters were a little too convenient, but the story itself more than made up for it.

The next book in the Stonebrood Saga is Sabrina’s Clan and the set up at the end of Beauty’s Beasts was perfect. Tracy Cooper-Posey has me hooked now and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


By creativedeeds

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