Starting from Scratch by Stacy Gail

StartingFromScratchChristmas is the perfect time to start from scratch

Lieutenant Sully Jax saved his unit during an IED attack, but he couldn’t save his marriage. He can’t even remember it. Recovered from his injuries, he’s come home to the family and friends he knows—and an ex-wife who’s a stranger to him.

Lucy Crabtree was heartbroken last Christmas when Sully announced his plan to go on one last tour of duty, and devastated when he asked for a divorce after he awoke in the hospital with no memory of her. She’s finally moving on from her hurt and from losing the man she loved more than anything, and her cookie-baking business is taking off just in time for the holidays. But now Sully’s back, and she can’t deny she still loves him. But how can she trust her heart to someone who breaks it every time she sees him?

Sully might not remember Lucy, but something inside won’t let her go. With every bite of her cookies, he finds a new love for Lucy, and he soon realizes he wants to rebuild his life… with her by his side.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1This short story was packed full of emotion. I picked up an emotion packed novella last Christmas too. Maybe this will turn into my new tradition? If so I need to brace myself.

I can’t imagine being in Lucy’s position. The love of her life seems to remember everything about his past except for her. How do you handle something like that? Lucy hides her pain well, but she has her moments. She also has her own little defense tactics. Coming face to face with Sully kind of short circuits all of that though.

I wouldn’t want to be in Sully’s position either. Even though he’s the source of Lucy’s pain, it’s impossible to be mad at him. Frustrated yes, mad no. He’s trying to piece his life back together and the holes all lead back to Lucy. The situation seems impossible.

I liked the dynamic between the supporting characters when they were with Lucy and Sully. I loved Coe. He was the perfect overly protective best friend. I liked Sully’s dad, but I got frustrated with him too. I felt like maybe he could have helped Sully understand more, but I also understand why he didn’t. There was a lot of back story concerning Sully’s recovery that wasn’t detailed. Honestly, throughout the story I just felt bad for them all.

This story was as heartwarming as it was heartbreaking at times. The perfect balance. It was totally worth the tears. It was also the first Stacy Gail book I’ve read, but I seriously doubt it will be the last.


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