An Awesome Interview and Giveaway featuring Kelly Apple!

KA-SocialMedia-225x300Guys, you are in for such a treat. 😉 You not only get to check out my interview with Kelly Apple but you also get a chance to win her recently released Demon Restrained. It’s not only the first book in The Demonkind Collective, it’s her very first book. Even though she’s a new author, I’ve been a fan of her writing for a while now. She is an avid reader and her reviews are unique, creative and pure Kelly. I was more than excited when I found out that she was going to officially take her writing to the next level.

After reading and reviewing Demon Restrained, I thought it would be a great idea to ask Kelly a few questions to share with readers. Not only was she more than happy to take part in the interview, she is also generously donating an ebook copy of Demon Restrained to one lucky reader. All you have to do to win is answer one simple question in the comments below. One of my interview questions prompted her to reveal one of her paranormal weaknesses. So here’s my question to you. What is your weakness when it comes to paranormal beings? Werewolves, vampires, shifters, demons or something else? Inquiring minds want to know.

While you’re mulling over your answer, here’s my interview with Kelly Apple!

Q: What made you FINALLY decide to make the leap from awesomely entertaining reviewer to awesomely creative author?
A: I’ve been writing for years (seriously, YEARS) but it wasn’t until my good friend and partner in crime, Amanda, told me to “Just do it!” that I started having faith I could tell the stories in my head and have people want to read them. It was just a matter of getting over my fear of writing for an audience (which isn’t an easy thing to overcome, thankyouverymuch, but SO rewarding when you do it) and trusting my instincts as far as the direction the plot and characters were going.
Q: I loved Bas. When creating a ‘bad boy’, you can’t get much ‘badder’ than a demon. How hard was it to turn him into such a lovable bad guy and have him still keep his edge?
A: That was actually a fear of mine as I was writing him. I adored him as a character and I loaded him up with all the Alpha badassery I enjoy reading about but I was terrified I had made him too unrepentant in the beginning for people to relate to. It wasn’t until I started getting feedback from my Beta readers that I began to breathe easier. I think it comes down to how under his tough demon exterior, he’s a good guy at heart. And finding his special lady friend put him in a good mood. *finger guns*
Q: Why werewolves and demons? 
A: I’m ridiculously obsessed with werewolves. I LOVE them. So hard. Expect to see many werewolf books in the future from me (and zombies and a weird nature creature guy and… umm, what were we talking about again?). As for the demons, I wanted something dangerous and deadly. One night I had a dream about a demon trapped in a magic circle in a basement. The rest kind of wrote itself.
Q: The description for Demon Besieged is at the end of Demon Restrained and features a new couple. Even though the first book didn’t end in a cliff hanger, it seemed like Evie and Bas’ story wasn’t over. Will Evie and Bas return in a future book in the Demonkind Collective? 
A: I’m putting the finishing touches on Bas and Evie’s second book right now. Demon Enslaved will follow those two and deepen part of a story line started in book 2. Bas and Evie are sort of a touchstone in the series. All future couples will somehow be connected to them and come into contact with them at some point.
Q: A couple of years ago someone aptly dubbed you a ‘Professional Speed Reading Demon.’ Your venture into writing hasn’t seemed to slow your reading down much. Has it? And if not, do you sleep?
A: Lol! I have slowed down on my reading a bit. I’ve been focusing on reading shorter books in November since I’m participating in NaNoWriMo and have been writing, writing, writing, so that helps make it look like I’m still a Speed Reading Demon.
Q:  What do readers have to look forward to next from Kelly Apple?
A: *ahem* Well, funny you should ask. I just finished up the second story in a weird little monster erotica series that grabbed me by the throat this last week. The first two parts are under 10K each, so they’ll be quick and dirty. That series looks like it will be a minimum of 7 books long, so there’s a lot to look forward to on that front. You know, if you like monsters and the ladies who love them. *blinks innocently*
I have book 2 in the Demonkind Collective, Demon Besieged, completed and in edits and I’ve nearly finished writing book 3. Right now, I have plans to write at least two other demon/werewolf books with the option open for more if the story line allows.
I also have books 1 and 2 written in what I like to call a Zombie Apocalypse Love Story. Book 3 is plotted and will be written soon and I have some definite ideas for a 4th book.
And finally, my good friend Jodi Redford visited me recently and put the idea in my head about writing a contemporary non-paranormal menage. So, I’m about halfway through writing that, too.
Apparently, I work well when I have multiple projects going at the same time.
Q: If you could give one piece of advice to other people toying with the idea moving from ‘reader’ to ‘author’, what would it be? 
A: Read as much as you can. Take note of the things you enjoy in books and pay attention to the things that bother you. Then, find your voice and start getting those words on the page. As my awesome editor tells me, you can’t revise what isn’t there.
Q: Who are the authors that inspire you most? 
A: S.M. Reine and Eve Langlais are two Indie authors I really admire. They both turn out high quality books and I’m crazy entertained by them and what they’ve accomplished. The Kit Rocha/Moira Rogers duo because those Kit Rocha books are HAWT and I love that they managed to switch gears from paranormal romance to gritty post-apocalyptic romance and do it WELL … I could go on and on and on but I’m just going to say that there are so many talented authors out there it makes me giddy! *throws confetti on all the wonderful authors*

So there you have it. My in depth and entertaining (thanks to Kelly’s wit and charm) interview with Kelly Apple. Want to learn more about Kelly and her books? Here are a couple of ways to connect with her:


Don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win your very own ebook copy of Demon Restrained. In case you missed my review, here’s the blurb and the cover:

DemonRestrainedBas wants out.
Held captive by a crazed Alpha, demon Bastael hates all those he’s come across on the mortal plane. When a damaged werewolf falls into his path, he’s determined to use her and find a way to escape.
Evie wants to be safe.
Abused by her Pack and afraid for her life, Evie hides in the dark corners of the basement. The demon that’s already down there? He’s better than the Alpha upstairs.
But neither of them expects the connection that sets them both on fire.
With the Alpha’s lust for power escalating, Bas and Evie will have to find a way to break free or die trying.
Warning: This book contains one cocky demon and one werewolf who’s stronger than she looks. That’s right, folks… If the basement is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!

I’ll pick a winner via by December 30, 2013, so don’t wait too long. Good luck!


6 comments on “An Awesome Interview and Giveaway featuring Kelly Apple!

  1. I think I might have to bump this up on my to read list, I’m extra excited now! And I’m really looking forward to all those other books she’s working on, especially at the mention of a contemporary!
    I already have the book but I will tweet this for you!

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