When Love Intrudes (When the Mission Ends #4) by Christi Snow

WhenLoveIntrudesToni Vincent’s last relationship ended with violence. Since then, she’s decided she’s better off without men. But when she finds her young seventeen year old neighbor, Nathan, unconscious and beaten, this is one man she can’t abandon. But helping Nathan means trusting Detective Brian Barnes, another man who hurt her in the past. It’s something she’s just not sure she can do.

Detective Brian Barnes has seen one too many criminals beat the system. He’s burned out and regretting a lot about his life. At the top of that list is how he dealt with Toni Vincent when he was wounded. At the time, he couldn’t stand to look at himself, much less have someone he failed care for him. Now she needs his help and he refuses to fail her again. But keeping her alive requires keeping his heart out of it. Something not easy to do when trapped in a romantic mountain retreat, even if it is the safest place for Toni and her unexpected charge.

With danger around every corner, it’s hard to know who can be trusted, especially for three people who have been burned before. But they may just find the best family is the one not tied together by blood.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I loved this series! To be honest, I was sad to see it come to an end, but I could accept that Operation: Endurance was the last book and I was happy with where things were left. However, that doesn’t mean that I was any less than ecstatic when I found out that Christi Snow had one more book left for her When the Mission Ends series.

Brian Barnes played a pretty big role in Operation: Endurance, especially at the end. With everything that he and Toni went through, I’m glad that they got their chance at an HEA. It definitely wasn’t easy to come by though. When Love Intrudes takes place a while after Operation: Endurance ends. Enough time has passed that both Tony and Brian should have had enough time to get over each other. That is if they both didn’t have stronger feelings for each other than they were both willing to admit. If not for an attack on Toni’s neighbor they could have probably kept avoiding each other, than goodness fate stepped in. I love fate. 😉

I loved getting to know these two characters better. Toni was beyond strong, given everything she went through in her past relationship. I really wanted to be mad at Brian for the way he treated Toni, but when you get the whole story, he was so easy to forgive… and fall in love with.

As with all the books in this series, Texas turned out to be a pretty dangerous place to be. In When Love Intrudes the action and danger took a road trip. There was plenty of mystery, drama, tears, humor and romance to keep just about everyone happy. And just like all the other books, the characters made this story. I absolutely loved Nathan. He was broken, but strong, witty, adorable and his love for Toni was obvious. I loved how the three of these characters (four if you include Toni’s dog – and he definitely needs to be included for more than a few reasons) just fit together. Yes, family is more than blood and sometimes the family that chooses each other can be just as stronger, if not more so than families that are tied with blood.

Even though When Love Intrudes is part of the When the Mission Ends series, the Robertson clan isn’t really a part of this one.  Colton has a short appearance, but Toni and Brian are the definite focus in When Love Intrudes. That’s okay though because their story was great. Turns out it was also a perfect segue. That’s a good thing because Christi Snow left me wanting to know more about the rest of the supporting characters as well and I’m really glad that readers will get that chance. There was more than one character introduced in When Love Intrudes that we will be seeing more from in future books. (This reader, for one, can’t wait until Nathan is old enough to have his own HEA. 😉 )

If you haven’t picked up any of the books in When the Mission Ends, start with Operation: End Game. This series has had me hooked since the Prologue in the first book and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.



6 comments on “When Love Intrudes (When the Mission Ends #4) by Christi Snow

  1. Shirley, thank you for yet another series I will need to add to my overflowing TBR list!! These books sound like excellent reads and this latest one sounds very intriguing. I’ll have to pick up the first book and get going! Have a great day!

    • Nathan was my absolute favorite. I can’t wait until he gets older and can have his own HEA. Even though the Robertson’s didn’t have a lot of face time, this was still a great addition to the series. And, evidently a great segue for a lot more 😉 Can’t wait!

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