Dark Wolf Rising (Bloodrunners #4) by Rhyannon Byrd

DarkWolfRisingEric Drake, a powerful Dark Wolf, has never trusted himself around human females-preferring to mate only within his pack. That is, until he encounters Chelsea Smart snooping around Silvercrest pack land in search of her missing sister. Secretly, Chelsea thinks Eric is the sexiest man she’s ever seen, though she is wary of his potent Alpha energy. Then it’s discovered that Chelsea’s sister is being held by a pack of vicious Lycans, and Eric heroically leaps into action. Now, Chelsea will risk everything-her body and soul-to surrender to the passion that will mark her as Eric’s woman for all eternity…if they survive.

Yikes! Not only did I not realize that this was the 4th book in the Bloodrunners series when I picked it up, but I also didn’t realize that I hadn’t actually read a book by Rhyannon Byrd until now. I need to make a note to fix both of those things now. Well, I can’t unread this book and start the series over… obviously. I can however add more books by this author to my TBR list. 😉

I have to say that even though I came into this series with book 4, I wasn’t lost at all. I’m sure that I would have understood a little more of the back story if I had read the previous books, but this one still worked fairly well as a stand alone. The only thing that I lacked was getting to know the characters better that were featured in the previous books. Because the supporting characters were just as much a part of Dark Wolf Rising as Chelsea and Eric, that is more than enough reason to go back and pick up the rest of the books.

I like the way that Ryannon Byrd brought Chelsea and Eric together. It was definitely ‘lust at first site’ but there was a lot more to it than that. Chelsea was in Eric’s territory on a mission to save her sister and Eric was definitely not looking for ‘love’ either – especially from a human. Fate, however, had different plans. Their first ‘encounter’ pretty much made me fall in love with Eric. It’s one of those things that you’ll have to read to understand. Let’s just say the author could have played that scene in several different ways, but none of them would have allowed readers to see Eric even better than he could see himself.

There was plenty of action, danger, heart break and steamy romance to keep the pages turning. I’ve said before that you sometimes take your chances when you pick up a Nocturne novel. Dark Wolf Rising was one of the good ones and I will definitely be checking out the first 3 books. Right after I read Dark Wolf Running (Bloodrunners #5.) Do as I say readers, not as I do. (I’m thinking that should be my new mantra. 😉 )


I received Dark Wolf Rising as a free download from Amazon on March 20, 2013. WhyBuyTheCow2013Plug

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3 comments on “Dark Wolf Rising (Bloodrunners #4) by Rhyannon Byrd

    • Yeah, it had a little bit of everything. I have the next one, which I got from NetGalley – before I realized it was a series. *sigh* I really need to start paying more attention. Once I finish that one, I will be going back for more. This series is definitely a Nocturne win! 😉


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