Next to Me by AnnaLisa Grant

NextToMeJenna Rockwell had everything: the career of her dreams as a nurse, a core group of trusted friends, an outlet to pursue her love of dance, and an apartment in the heart of the great city of Chicago. Add a chance encounter with handsome and charming Landon Scott, and her life couldn’t get any better.

But it certainly could get worse.

The past Jenna ran from six years ago is finally coming for her and she must make decisions that will drastically alter the new life she’s been living. Does she compromise who she is and run the risk of becoming trapped in a life she abhors, or does she run again, dropping off the face of the earth to keep her loved ones safe? 

Ultimately, a trail of lies and deceit will force Jenna to choose between a life with or without love. A life with Landon or a life without him.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I think I might be one of the only people to have picked up a book by AnnaLisa Grant that wasn’t introduced to her writing through her Lake Trilogy. That’s okay though, I don’t mind playing catch up. Besides that, Next to Me turned out to be a great introduction to this author’s writing.

Jenna was a great character, but I don’t want to get into all of the reasons why I felt that way. Sorry, but it’s all part of my no-spoiler policy. I’m afraid if I tell you all the reasons why I loved her character, I’ll give too much away. Basically, she was strong, smart, witty and fun – which is amazing given all she went through to get to that point.

As for Logan, well… I thought he was adorable, but questionable. He asked Jenna the same question more than once. (Nope, I’m not going to tell you what the question was because it falls back to that ‘no spoiler’ thing.) Let’s just say, I’m not sure, given her circumstances, I would have felt the same way that Jenna did about Logan and his actions.

If I had to pick one thing that I liked about this book the most, it would be Jenna’s friends. I loved the supporting cast in this book. They were fun, supportive, protective and well developed. I didn’t really have a favorite, because they were pretty much a package deal. They made up a make-shift family that I really liked getting to know.

Next to Me was intense, heart breaking, action packed and full of mystery. There were times when I thought it seemed to be going in a predictable direction and then it totally took me by surprise. I love it when that happens! The bad guys were scary (for a lot of reasons) and it all got balanced out with a sweet romance. There were a couple of editing issues, but nothing that distracted from the story for me. I’m a patient reader, but regardless, the story, characters, writing style and flowing dialogue in this one kept me distracted from any of the minor flaws. I will definitely be checking out more of AnnaLisa Grant’s books.



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