An Awesome Interview and Giveaway featuring Kelly Apple!

KA-SocialMedia-225x300Guys, you are in for such a treat. 😉 You not only get to check out my interview with Kelly Apple but you also get a chance to win her recently released Demon Restrained. It’s not only the first book in The Demonkind Collective, it’s her very first book. Even though she’s a new author, I’ve been a fan of her writing for a while now. She is an avid reader and her reviews are unique, creative and pure Kelly. I was more than excited when I found out that she was going to officially take her writing to the next level.

After reading and reviewing Demon Restrained, I thought it would be a great idea to ask Kelly a few questions to share with readers. Not only was she more than happy to take part in the interview, she is also generously donating an ebook copy of Demon Restrained to one lucky reader. All you have to do to win is answer one simple question in the comments below. One of my interview questions prompted her to reveal one of her paranormal weaknesses. So here’s my question to you. What is your weakness when it comes to paranormal beings? Werewolves, vampires, shifters, demons or something else? Inquiring minds want to know.

While you’re mulling over your answer, here’s my interview with Kelly Apple!

Q: What made you FINALLY decide to make the leap from awesomely entertaining reviewer to awesomely creative author?
A: I’ve been writing for years (seriously, YEARS) but it wasn’t until my good friend and partner in crime, Amanda, told me to “Just do it!” that I started having faith I could tell the stories in my head and have people want to read them. It was just a matter of getting over my fear of writing for an audience (which isn’t an easy thing to overcome, thankyouverymuch, but SO rewarding when you do it) and trusting my instincts as far as the direction the plot and characters were going.
Q: I loved Bas. When creating a ‘bad boy’, you can’t get much ‘badder’ than a demon. How hard was it to turn him into such a lovable bad guy and have him still keep his edge?
A: That was actually a fear of mine as I was writing him. I adored him as a character and I loaded him up with all the Alpha badassery I enjoy reading about but I was terrified I had made him too unrepentant in the beginning for people to relate to. It wasn’t until I started getting feedback from my Beta readers that I began to breathe easier. I think it comes down to how under his tough demon exterior, he’s a good guy at heart. And finding his special lady friend put him in a good mood. *finger guns*
Q: Why werewolves and demons? 
A: I’m ridiculously obsessed with werewolves. I LOVE them. So hard. Expect to see many werewolf books in the future from me (and zombies and a weird nature creature guy and… umm, what were we talking about again?). As for the demons, I wanted something dangerous and deadly. One night I had a dream about a demon trapped in a magic circle in a basement. The rest kind of wrote itself.
Q: The description for Demon Besieged is at the end of Demon Restrained and features a new couple. Even though the first book didn’t end in a cliff hanger, it seemed like Evie and Bas’ story wasn’t over. Will Evie and Bas return in a future book in the Demonkind Collective? 
A: I’m putting the finishing touches on Bas and Evie’s second book right now. Demon Enslaved will follow those two and deepen part of a story line started in book 2. Bas and Evie are sort of a touchstone in the series. All future couples will somehow be connected to them and come into contact with them at some point.
Q: A couple of years ago someone aptly dubbed you a ‘Professional Speed Reading Demon.’ Your venture into writing hasn’t seemed to slow your reading down much. Has it? And if not, do you sleep?
A: Lol! I have slowed down on my reading a bit. I’ve been focusing on reading shorter books in November since I’m participating in NaNoWriMo and have been writing, writing, writing, so that helps make it look like I’m still a Speed Reading Demon.
Q:  What do readers have to look forward to next from Kelly Apple?
A: *ahem* Well, funny you should ask. I just finished up the second story in a weird little monster erotica series that grabbed me by the throat this last week. The first two parts are under 10K each, so they’ll be quick and dirty. That series looks like it will be a minimum of 7 books long, so there’s a lot to look forward to on that front. You know, if you like monsters and the ladies who love them. *blinks innocently*
I have book 2 in the Demonkind Collective, Demon Besieged, completed and in edits and I’ve nearly finished writing book 3. Right now, I have plans to write at least two other demon/werewolf books with the option open for more if the story line allows.
I also have books 1 and 2 written in what I like to call a Zombie Apocalypse Love Story. Book 3 is plotted and will be written soon and I have some definite ideas for a 4th book.
And finally, my good friend Jodi Redford visited me recently and put the idea in my head about writing a contemporary non-paranormal menage. So, I’m about halfway through writing that, too.
Apparently, I work well when I have multiple projects going at the same time.
Q: If you could give one piece of advice to other people toying with the idea moving from ‘reader’ to ‘author’, what would it be? 
A: Read as much as you can. Take note of the things you enjoy in books and pay attention to the things that bother you. Then, find your voice and start getting those words on the page. As my awesome editor tells me, you can’t revise what isn’t there.
Q: Who are the authors that inspire you most? 
A: S.M. Reine and Eve Langlais are two Indie authors I really admire. They both turn out high quality books and I’m crazy entertained by them and what they’ve accomplished. The Kit Rocha/Moira Rogers duo because those Kit Rocha books are HAWT and I love that they managed to switch gears from paranormal romance to gritty post-apocalyptic romance and do it WELL … I could go on and on and on but I’m just going to say that there are so many talented authors out there it makes me giddy! *throws confetti on all the wonderful authors*

So there you have it. My in depth and entertaining (thanks to Kelly’s wit and charm) interview with Kelly Apple. Want to learn more about Kelly and her books? Here are a couple of ways to connect with her:


Don’t forget to leave a comment for your chance to win your very own ebook copy of Demon Restrained. In case you missed my review, here’s the blurb and the cover:

DemonRestrainedBas wants out.
Held captive by a crazed Alpha, demon Bastael hates all those he’s come across on the mortal plane. When a damaged werewolf falls into his path, he’s determined to use her and find a way to escape.
Evie wants to be safe.
Abused by her Pack and afraid for her life, Evie hides in the dark corners of the basement. The demon that’s already down there? He’s better than the Alpha upstairs.
But neither of them expects the connection that sets them both on fire.
With the Alpha’s lust for power escalating, Bas and Evie will have to find a way to break free or die trying.
Warning: This book contains one cocky demon and one werewolf who’s stronger than she looks. That’s right, folks… If the basement is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!

I’ll pick a winner via by December 30, 2013, so don’t wait too long. Good luck!


Black Friday Extravaganza!

Black FridayWhat better way to spend Black Friday than to celebrate with dozens of awesome authors and their fans? It’s a lot better than fighting crowds, right? There’s even a Facebook Party with chances to win ebooks and a Rafflecopter drawing with Four $50 Amazon gift cards up for grabs.

So what’s an author celebration without a spotlight on an awesome author? Exactly! As part of the tour I get to introduce you to the first book in S.M. Boyce’s Grimoire Saga, Lichgates.

LichgatesKara Magari is about to discover a beautiful world full of terrifying things—Ourea.

Kara, a college student still reeling from her mother’s recent death, has no idea the hidden world of Ourea even exists until a freak storm traps her in a sunken library. With no way out, she opens an ancient book of magic called the Grimoire and unwittingly becomes its master, which means Kara now wields the cursed book’s untamed power. Discovered by Ourea’s royalty, she becomes an unwilling pawn in a generations-old conflict—a war intensified by her arrival. In this world of chilling creatures and betrayal, Kara shouldn’t trust anyone… but she’s being hunted and can’t survive on her own. She drops her guard when Braeden, a native soldier with a dark secret, vows to keep her safe. And though she doesn’t know it, her growing attraction to him may just be her undoing.

For twelve years, Braeden Drakonin has lived a lie. The Grimoire is his one chance at redemption, and it lands in his lap when Kara Magari comes into his life. Though he begins to care for this human girl, there is something he wants more. He wants the Grimoire.

Welcome to Ourea, where only the cunning survive.

Isn’t that a gorgeous cover? I love discovering new books, especially when they’re part of a series. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly intrigued. 😉

Want to learn more about S.M. Boyce, Lichgates and the Grimoire Saga? Follow the links below:

AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo 


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Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels # 4) by Ilona Andrews

MagicBleedsKate Daniels keeps the peace in Atlanta for the Order, humans caught between the vampire controlling People led by her biological father and best kept secret, Roland, and the shape-shifter Pack, led by her mate-to-be Curran, the Lord of the Beasts. But her look-alike aunt Erra, Babylon’s god of chaos and terror, has come to town controlling seven naked warriors: Deluge (flood water), Tremor (earth quake), Gale (hurricane wind), Torch (fire inferno), Venom (disease poison), Beast (animal monster), and Darkness (overpowering dread).

If there is one thing that I’ve come to expect from the Kate Daniels series it is that each book takes everything up just a notch. Magic Bleeds was most definitely no exception. From the Prologue to the Epilogue I think it is safe to say that this book was the most emotional packed one in the series so far.

It’s been a while since I’ve read Magic Strikes, but it didn’t take me long to get back into the world that Ilona Andrews created for their characters. This is one of those series that gives me that ‘coming home’ feeling. You know that feeling. It’s familiar and you feel surrounded by people you know. Corny, yes, but there are a select few series that give me that feeling and Kate Daniels just happens to be one of them.

Magic Bleeds takes up in the Prologue just a little while after Magic Strikes leaves off. Readers knew that Kate and Curran were finally going to stop being so stubborn and give into their feelings for each other. In a perfect world maybe, but in Kate and Curran’s world, nothing could ever be that easy. *sigh* That Prologue just about killed me, but it was necessary. I can’t say much more without giving anything away, just don’t throw the book across the room when you finish the Prologue. Be patient, it gets better, honest.

Beyond Curran and Kate, a lot happens in Magic Bleeds. This book was packed with pretty much everything. Action, humor, suspense, betrayal, romance, politics and heartbreak all were front and center. Some of it was expected but some of it took me totally by surprise. For instance, the tears were totally unexpected. As intense as this book was in the emotion department, the signature wit and humor were still there. From Kate’s ‘pet’ names for Curran to a practical joke war there were plenty of literal ‘laugh-out-loud’ moments. I think that is one of my favorite parts of this series. I’ve come to expect it and this author duo always delivers.

Magic Slays is next in the Kate Daniels series and I’d love to read it before the end of the year. We shall see 😉 If you haven’t picked up this series yet, you are really missing out. The characters are smart, well developed and make you want to get to know them. The world building and mythology are fantastic and the story lines are unique and compelling. Definitely one of my favorite UF series.



Demon Restrained (The Demonkind Collective #1) by Kelly Apple

DemonRestrainedBas wants out.

Held captive by a crazed Alpha, demon Bastael hates all those he’s come across on the mortal plane. When a damaged werewolf falls into his path, he’s determined to use her and find a way to escape.

Evie wants to be safe.

Abused by her Pack and afraid for her life, Evie hides in the dark corners of the basement. The demon that’s already down there? He’s better than the Alpha upstairs.

But neither of them expects the connection that sets them both on fire.

With the Alpha’s lust for power escalating, Bas and Evie will have to find a way to break free or die trying.

Warning: This book contains one cocky demon and one werewolf who’s stronger than she looks. That’s right, folks… If the basement is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’!

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1If you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t be able to guess that Demon Restrained is not only the premier book in this author’s Demonkind Collective series, but it’s also her premier book period. The characters were great, the bad guys were scary, the story was intriguing and the smexy level was off the charts. Yeah, I’d say that Kelly Apple pretty much nailed it. 😉

So, where do I begin? Well, since most of the story was told from Bas’ POV, I guess we’ll start with him. I loved Bas’ inner dialogue. And there was a lot of inner dialogue. His feelings and attraction toward Evie took him totally by surprise and he came to quite a few surprising revelations. He expected to use her for sustenance and escape. The more time he spent with her, the more he realized that she meant much more to him than that.

Evie saw herself as weak and damaged. Bas saw her for what she actually was – strong, determined and caring. Bas wasn’t used to seeing those traits in beings that inhabited her plane. Especially shifters. Her simple act of caring and the strength it took to provide it changed Bas’ entire perspective – not to mention his feelings toward Evie.

The story may have been short, but the emotion, heat and suspense wasn’t lacking. There were no wasted words or actions in this one, but nothing was rushed either. This was the perfect start and I’m looking forward to more. Readers were given a sneak peek at the next installment at the end of Demon Restrained and I can’t wait to see what Kelly Apple has in store for us next. Looks like things might get just a little interesting. 😉


Entwine by Rebecca Berto Book Blitz


Yesterday you got my review on Entwine by Rebecca Berto. Today I’m sharing even more book love as part of the Entwine Book Blitz. Because sometimes it’s just easier to ‘show’ than to ‘tell’ I decided to share just a little taste of Entwine with you as part of the tour. Enjoy!

~ Chapter ONE ~ 

When Sarah first came home her ears had a faint ring in them, and now, in the aching silence, they buzzed at her fiercely. Her first thought was Ah! Relative quiet for once. I’ll just sneak in and get my mobile phone. Now she wished her dad had been doing anything else, even playing that stupid rock ‘n’ roll music. She had a solution for that: plug in her Favourites playlist and turn the volume up.
She heard the first moan, whispering through the walls. She was drawn toward the sound in her parents’ bedroom; it was like the undeniable dread of watching someone being bullied from afar. It was being unsure how to make it stop.
But Sarah’s mum was out, and there was definitely two people making those sounds in there. For the first few moments, Sarah wondered if her mum had suddenly materialised here. Why else would her dad be moaning in sync with that female voice, and the bed legs be screeching in that way?
She remembered arriving into the silence that had encased her, replacing the throbbing sounds from the party she’d just been at, thinking it all seemed too quiet in here.
She was right.
Sarah felt the blood drain from her face. A sense of nothingness washed over her as she braced her palm to the wall outside her parents’ bedroom, narrowly preventing her wobbly legs from taking her down.
What should she do?
She willed her ears to block out what she heard, but she knew sticking her fingers in the holes wouldn’t help a bit. And her dad didn’t deserve to be the reason she harmed herself if she poked inside too hard.
Sarah wished she could run, but instead her feet stayed rooted against the wall, and she shivered at the choice she had to make. What would she do, tell her mum that she could hear the bed creaking against the frame, that her dad’s friend wasn’t trying to be quiet at all?
The sounds triggered a memory. She’d caught a weird text message when sitting at the kitchen bench, her playing with her dad’s phone, her mum still at work. Her dad had snapped his mobile phone from her fingers and told her to go to her room. Her shock back then debilitated her choice to tell her mum. Her voice didn’t work when she tried to speak, and her throat was tight even when she swallowed. Now, hearing what was happening behind the wall, she had no idea where to even begin.
Sarah clamped a hand over her mouth in case she sobbed loudly, forced her other hand to push her from the lure of the wall where she had been frozen, and to walk herself out the front door.
Back to that party. Back through the shadows of darkness and odd orbs of light, along the sidewalk, back to the noise and the alcohol, and the people trying to forget their responsibilities.

What a beginning to an emotional whirlwind of a book, right? In case you missed it in my review, here’s the book cover and description:

male fitness man posing his musclesSarah Langham’s life was the epitome of normal until her dad slept with another woman when she was sixteen. It ripped her family apart.
Twenty-two-year-old Sarah has it together, though.
Waiting at the train station to go home from her first day of her first proper job out of university, she spots a man.
He is an enigma to her. She’s drawn to him, with his square jaw; buzz of hair; and his tall, solid frame, seen under the contours of his business suit. And he’s been looking at her, too. Fate pulls them together that night on a whirlwind date, exceeding anything Sarah’s experienced before. He’s even more into her than she’s into him. Finally, she wants to trust a guy for the first time since she was sixteen.
But then they discover something.
Something that meant they were never two strangers at a train station.
And it threatens to tear their future apart before it, really, ever begins.

 Goodreads • Amazon • B&N

Entwine - 0.99 launchSo, are you convinced? Are you going to follow the links and pick up Entwine right now? How about a little extra incentive? For a limited time, Entwine is available for just 99¢! That’s right! You can pick it up for this special Launch price, but hurry! Once you’ve got your very own copy, check out all the other awesome books Rebecca Berto has and be sure to follow her so you don’t miss any future releases. 😉
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All For You – Coming Home #4 Cover Reveal by Jessica Scott

BecauseOfYouUntilThereWasYouAnythingForYouIllBeHomeForChristmasBackToYou_ FINAL_revised2

Jessica Scott’s Coming Home is probably one of my favorite military romance series. Her characters are witty and ‘real,’ the emotion is raw, and the covers are gorgeous. Speaking of which, today we get a sneak peek at the newest cover. Book 4, All For You is scheduled to release in February of 2014 and, as you can see, the cover for it is no exception. I can’t wait!


A desire that defies reason and a love worth sacrificing for, featuring Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli and Army Captain Emily Lindberg.

By creativedeeds

Entwine by Rebecca Berto

male fitness man posing his musclesSarah Langham’s life was the epitome of normal until her dad slept with another woman when she was sixteen. It ripped her family apart.

Twenty-two-year-old Sarah has it together, though.

Waiting at the train station to go home from her first day of her first proper job out of university, she spots a man.

He is an enigma to her. She’s drawn to him, with his square jaw; buzz of hair; and his tall, solid frame, seen under the contours of his business suit. And he’s been looking at her, too. Fate pulls them together that night on a whirlwind date, exceeding anything Sarah’s experienced before. He’s even more into her than she’s into him. Finally, she wants to trust a guy for the first time since she was sixteen.

But then they discover something.

Something that meant they were never two strangers at a train station.

And it threatens to tear their future apart before it, really, ever begins.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Entwine was not what I expected. That’s not a bad thing though. It’s actually a very good thing because when I first started reading I thought that the plot was going to be predictable. It didn’t take long for the story to go in a totally unpredictable direction. 😉

Sarah was not your average young woman. Discovering her dad’s affair not only ripped their family apart, it also kept her from really trusting men in general. It’s pretty understandable because Rebecca Berto paints a pretty vivid picture of the night Sarah’s world fell apart. Her devotion to her mother and her feelings toward her father did a pretty good job of shaping Sarah into the woman she is in the present.

A lot happens in Entwine that you need to experience for yourself. Things are revealed in layers and the story goes back and forth between ‘Then’ and ‘Now.’ I wouldn’t want to read every book in this format, but it worked for this story. So much of what was happening in the present depended on what Sarah had experienced in the past. It definitely kept things interesting.

There were a couple of little plot hiccups, but they weren’t major and I’m thinking that they may even be non-existant if I go back and reread a few key parts. Regardless, I liked the story, the characters were easy to love (and or hate – whatever is more appropriate) and even though things were brought to a satisfying close, everything wasn’t tied up in a nice neat bow at the end.

Entwine isn’t a book for everyone – especially under 18. Rebecca Berto didn’t pull any punches. The emotions were raw, tough issues were dealt with and the sex was not glossed over. There’s also an age difference that may bother some people. Just a little warning for those who may take offense to any of the above.


Dark Wolf Running (Bloodrunners #5) by Rhyannon Byrd

DarkWolfRunningIn Rhyannon Byrd’s latest Bloodrunners romance, passion and secrets collide and only their love will save two werewolves and their pack. 

With his sharp gaze locked on the most magnificent female he’d ever seen, Wyatt Pallaton did his best to hold himself back. Of course, Elise Drake was hardly just any female. Fiery and cool, strong, yet at the same time achingly vulnerable, she’d turned his entire world on its head. 

No matter how bloody difficult it proved to be, he was done letting her pretend he didn’t even exist. Done with letting her fight her own battles. Done driving himself slowly into this maddening state of frustrated desire. One way or another, things were about to change. 

Come hell or high water, she was done running.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1If nothing else, Dark Wolf Running proved that I need to start this series from the very beginning. That’s not a bad thing. It’s not even because there wasn’t enough back story and I was lost – it’s just because I want to get to know the other characters better and get Elise and find out where this story began. In other words, I’m really liking this series. 😉

Dark Wolf Running picks up a little while after Dark Wolf Rising leaves off. The opening scene takes place during the reception at Eric and Chelsea’s wedding. The attraction between Wyatt and Elise is obvious. I love the pull between these characters. Wyatt can’t help himself and Elise doesn’t trust anyone – for very good reason. 

Dark Wolf Running was the perfect title for this one, because both Wyatt and Elise spent a lot of time running. They ran from their past, their enemies and each other. Secrets are the biggest wedge between these characters though. Big, dark secrets that they aren’t only keeping from each other, but from everyone. Everyone knows about the trauma that Elise went through, but no one knows everything. Wyatt has his own shadows in his past as well. Even though I knew the author would find a way to get past those odds, it wasn’t easy. They not only had to find a way to trust each other, but they also had to find a way to trust themselves.

You’ve probably already guessed that I loved the supporting characters in this series so far. The Bloodrunners are a tight knit group. They have formed a make-shift family that is comprised of humans, half breeds and pure bred wolves. I like the dynamic that Ryannon Byrd has created with her wolves. They’re familiar, yet she’s given them their own twist that has provided a fresh perspective, at least for this reader. I can’t wait to catch up with the rest of the series when I pick up books 1-3 and I’m hoping that there are at least a few more books to come.


Wake to Darkness (Brown & De Luca #2) by Maggie Shayne

WakeToDarknessStranded with a murderer…

Rachel de Luca’s uncanny sense of perception is the key to her success as a self-help celebrity. Even before she regained her sight, she had a gift for seeing people’s most carefully hidden secrets. But the secret she shares with Detective Mason Brown is one she has promised to keep. As for Mason, he sees Rachel more clearly than she’d like to admit…

After a single night of adrenaline-fueled passion, they have agreed to keep their distance—until a string of murders brings them together again. Mason thinks that he can protect everyone he loves, including Rachel, by taking them to a winter hideaway, but danger follows them up the mountain.

As guests disappear from the snowbound resort, the race to find the murderer intensifies. Rachel knows she’s a target. Will acknowledging her feelings for Mason destroy her…or save them both and stop a killer?

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1This series has been amazing. I fell in love with Mason and Rachel in Sleep With The Lights On. I loved the short, but packed full of action and emotion, Dream of Danger. Both were suspenseful, witty, heartbreaking and scary. Even though I really liked both of those installments in the Brown and De Luca series, nothing prepared me for Wake to Darkness. This one scared the crap out of me. Not because it was horror filled but because I’ve grown to really like these characters and Maggie Shayne pulled no punches and kept them on the edge of certain danger pretty much from start to finish.

I knew before I ever started this review that I wouldn’t be able to explain exactly what it is I like so much about Rachel. I think it’s because she’s so ‘real.’ Honestly, how can you not like a character that makes statements like this:

If the bullshit I wrote was true, I wouldn’t have been standing with my back to the man I’d most love to bone, saying ‘No.’ Because if the bullshit I wrote was true, the question he’d just asked me would have been an entirely different one, instead of the one he asked, which had been, ‘Will you help me investigate another creeping ‘fucking’ case that might get us both killed?’
Okay, those weren’t his exact words, but they might as well have been.

Yeah, I kinda love Rachel. The thing is, she hides behind the stuff she writes. At least she thinks she does. The thing I love about Rachel and Mason together is that he sees the honesty behind what she calls ‘crap’ because she really does believe it. She just doesn’t know it. She thinks she’s self centered and cynical. She obviously doesn’t see herself clearly. She’s loyal, generous and loves those who have earned her devotion fiercely.

Wake to Darkness was not a light and fluffy romance. It wasn’t really paranormal, but it had a definite paranormal aspect. The premise was totally not real, but it still made you think ‘what if?’ and shiver at the possibility. There was plenty of action, a touch of humor, suspense, mystery and more than enough gore that opened in the prologue. Nothing was exactly what it seemed and even though I figured out the ‘who’ behind the violence this time it didn’t take away from the suspense.

This was an action driven story, but the characters are what made it for me. Yes, I loved Rachel. Mason was great too and Maggie Shayne got the teenage drama dead on with both the boys and Rachel’s niece. It wasn’t over done and it wasn’t glossed over. Just like Rachel, the characters were real and the conversations and actions were totally believable.

So yes, I have officially fallen in love with another Maggie Shayne series. I really wasn’t surprised. When you get to spend time with characters like this, what’s not to love?

It was my body that had a syringe full of that shit sticking into it. One push of the plunger and we’d be having this conversation over an Ouija board.

I was reminded that she was still in the heartbreak phase. Nowhere near the anger and vengeance phase, which was really the fun part of any breakup, in my humble opinion. 


Spring Moon (Indiana Teller) by HRH Princess Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian

SpringMoonAmid the expansive plains of Montana, the Lykos Ranch stretches for miles. The inhabitants who live in near isolation from the outside world are members of the most powerful clan of werewolves in North America. Among them lives just one human: Indiana Teller.

Grandson of the clan’s leader and offspring of a werewolf father and a mysterious yet human mother, Indiana is rejected by his peers and heads to the University of Montana to find a normal life. Despite warnings from his grandparents, he falls in love with a beautiful human, Katerina.

Before too long, he is the victim of an accident that would have killed him had he not miraculously vanished at the moment of impact. Are these strange occurrences just chance or the machinations of a hidden enemy out to destroy him? Facing his destiny, Indiana will have to choose who to believe, and who to love.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Have you ever read a book that you weren’t sure about when you started, but got better as you went along? That’s exactly my experience with Spring Moon. I liked Indiana but there was a lot of him ‘telling’ his story in the beginning, not much experiencing. As the story progressed either I got more comfortable with the author’s writing style or everything started to flow better. To be honest it could have been a little of both.

Indiana was an outcast, kind of. He lived with a pack of werewolves. His father was a werewolf, but his mother was something else. From the time he was very young he lived with his grandparents – who I didn’t really like very much until I was almost to the end of the book. I don’t think that was just me though. There was a lot going on in Spring Moon and there was also a lot hidden. There was sneaking around, betrayal and lots and lots of secrets.

I liked the author’s werewolf / paranormal mythology. It was fresh, yet familiar. Her characters were interesting and each one had their own unique personality traits. There was also a lot of growth in this story, mainly by Indiana himself. He was definitely not the same character at the end of the book as we met during his monologue in the beginning. I liked the character that he became and I loved the reactions of the characters that weren’t expecting the change.

There were times that Spring Moon was hard to follow and it’s definitely a book that I am going to have to go back and read again. Especially before US readers get a chance to read the rest of the books in this series. Even if I hadn’t done a little research, I would have known at the end of Spring Moon that there were more books. Can you say ‘cliff hanger?’ Yep, you’ve been warned.

Basically, this is a series with potential and I’m anxious to see where the story goes. The fate of more than a few characters were left hanging at the end, but there were also some serious mysteries that I can’t wait to discover the answers to.