Indie-Credible Authors Tour Wrap-Up

Indie-CredibleBannerWow! Yeah, that pretty much covers it. I think it is safe to say that Laura and I were totally overwhelmed by not only the response, but the support we received by both authors and bloggers. It was an amazing experience and we couldn’t have pulled any of this off without all of you, so the first thing that I want to say is Thank you!

Was it a perfect event? Of course not. No event is 100% perfect, but I can honestly say that Laura and I did our best to make sure every author was hosted. We ran into a couple of snags with gmail… for some reason some of our original assignment emails got lost in cyberspace or were dumped into the intended recipient’s junk mail folders. We managed to track most of them down though and out of the 127 authors that we originally had scheduled, only 6 were never hosted. At least one of those authors dropped out. The rest have been contacted and will possibly be hosted at another time. Regardless of when they are hosted, they will be given the same attention by us that all the other authors were given.

Laura and I learned a lot during this event. Number 1 is our Indie-Credible authors are just as Indie-Credible as we thought they were. We also added a bunch of new authors to our TBR piles and made a lot of both author and blogger friends in the process. Just that alone made this a successful event. We also learned that as successful as this event was, if we decide to do it again we will be making a few changes and starting a lot earlier. We were kind of thrown into the time frame because we saw a need and thought we’d try to fill it. (Actually Laura thought we could fill it and I went along for the ride – she is a force to be reckoned with, trust me.)

As I mentioned before, the support was phenomenal and so was the enthusiasm. The excitement that both the bloggers and the authors had was contagious and we loved all the inventive ways that bloggers used to spotlight their authors. I got to host two authors myself and I enjoyed every minute of it. And then there was the amazing Indie-Credible Authors video. I think Laura and I both got a little teary when we watched it the first time. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to check it out…. Now! (Thanks again Karen Amanda Hooper!)

We also received a lot of moral and promotional support from Tom Slick (aka author Thomas Amo.) He not only announced what was going on everyday with the Indie-Credible Author Tour and participated as a featured author himself, but he also helped publicize for weeks before the kick off. Part of that publicity included an interview with Laura which you can still listen to on his website. If you haven’t tuned into Radio Rock 92.6 The Blitz you’re missing out on some great classic rock and a lot of Indie book and music buzz. He supports not only authors and musicians, but the bloggers and fans that support them.

Speaking of author generosity. Laura and I decided when we started this event that it would cost no one anything. Then we wondered what the authors would think about making a small donation toward a grand prize. Once again, the authors’ Indie-Credible awesomeness blew us away. The money that they donated toward the grand prize was totally optional, yet together they donated enough for us to offer over $300 in prizes. Wow! Even more amazing is that we had 25,709 entries. Unfortunately, there can be only one winner. I’m guessing that you might want to know who that winner is? Okay… so, our Indie-Credible Authors Tour Grand Prize winner is…..

Raquel G.

She’s already picked her prize and it will be on its way to her shortly. 😉 Congrats Raquel!

This was an amazing experience and we owe its success to all the participants, fans and authors. On a personal note, I owe a lot to Laura. Not only would I have not been able to do this without her, I wouldn’t have even considered it. We made a great team and I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, funny, crazy and all around wonderful partner in crime. (It was kind of like when you put two trouble making kids together… what one doesn’t think of, the other one will. Yeah, that was pretty much us during this whole planning and implementing process.) And then there’s a certain Indie author *cough* Michelle Muto *cough* who we lovingly blame for ALL of this. She introduced us to each other on her Street Team – so yeah, it’s ALL her fault – which is just one of the many reasons why we love her. 😉

So, I guess that’s it. The Indie-Credible Authors 2013 Tour is officially over. Thanks again everyone and stay tuned. We haven’t made a final decision about the next Indie-Credible Authors Tour, but you’ll be the first to know… as soon as we do, that is. In the mean time, keep reading the books provided by all of our Indie-Credible Authors and be sure to show them some love!

By creativedeeds

Good Boy (Theta Alpha Gamma #4) by Anne Tenino

GoodBoyBrad “Frat Boy” Feller and Sebastian “Toppy” DeWitt have been together for nine months, and their relationship is as hot as ever. The only cloud Brad sees on their horizon is Sebastian’s stress over his thesis. And their uncertain future together after graduation. And how Sebastian sometimes takes Brad for granted. And Sebastian’s unwillingness to introduce Brad to his father.

Other than that, everything’s awesome.

All of Sebastian’s energy is currently devoted to his thesis, and getting into a top-notch PhD program. Fortunately, his boyfriend takes care of all the domestic stuff and Sebastian’s needs. Any minor strain between them will disappear and they’ll return to the status quo after Sebastian graduates. As long as nothing upsets their delicate balance in the meantime.

Then a friend Brad once had a small fling with is forced to take refuge with them, and Frat Boy and Toppy’s delicate balance topples like an elephant on a waterski. Now Sebastian has to face some truths about how he’s been treating Brad, what he wants for their future, and what he has to do to get it.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I walked away from reading Good Boy not knowing exactly how I felt. I loved Brad and Sebastian in Frat Boy and Toppy. Seeing them at odds was painful. I always liked Sebastian, but after his actions in both Good Boy and previously in Sweet Young Thang he started to make me just a little on the angry side. I’ve liked all the other couples in this series but Sebastian and Brad were always my favorite and the fact that Sebastian came so close to screwing it all up made me lose some respect for him. I hate it when that happens.

In Sebastian’s defense, he did turn things around. He saw how hard and unfair he was being to Brad, which kind of made up for the way he acted. Kind of. He brought the ‘momma bear’ out in me in this book and I hope that in the next book (even though it features another couple) he gets the chance to prove that he is definitely worthy of Brad.

On a side note. I really like the way that this book kind of snuck up on the author. It just proves that authors are not in charge of their muse and more often than not, they are totally at the mercy of the characters they are writing about. 😉


By creativedeeds