Indie-Credible Spotlight on Heather Killough-Walden

IndieCredibleAuthorsPurpleSep2013FinalYou guys don’t know how excited I am to be hosting Heather Killough-Walden. I think her books are some of the first PNR Indie books that I ever picked up. From the time that I ‘met’ Lily and Daniel in The Heat I was hooked. Although I haven’t picked up a Heather Killough-Walden book or series that I didn’t like, I’ve told her more than once that her Big Bad Wolf series is still my favorite. I was sad when the series ended, but readers haven’t had to say good-bye to the characters totally. They continue to make appearances in The Kings series, which makes this reader very happy. 😉

One of the things that I like most about Heather’s books is that she has the innate talent of turning characters that readers love to hate into characters that they can totally sympathize with. I love it when an author can do that and Heather is a pro. There is one character in particular that I’ve grown to love, but initially hated. Well, maybe not hated, but he definitely wasn’t one I was cheering for – by a long shot. She’s managed to do it to me more than once, yet it is never predictable. Like I said, she’s a pro.

Heather has written several series as well as stand alones and both her PNR and YA books are written in the same poetic and flowing style. Her books are full of magic, whether they are about vampires, shifters, demons, warlocks, witches or a combination of all of these and more.  Her stories are character driven and hold nothing back as far as emotion goes. I love an author who can make you feel and walk away from a book wanting more. Not because there was something missing but because you weren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the characters.


Okay, now for the fun stuff. Heather has a new series in the works and I get to help show it off. 😉 The series is The Third Kiss and the first book, Dorian’s Dream will be released in November. Here’s the blurb:

Third Kiss 2000x1250 72dpi RGBThird time’s the charm.

In the steamy aftermath of a Baton Rouge day, in the depths of a king’s luxurious mansion, a man with blue eyes dreams of a woman…. 

Emma Rose Nekoda is a girl with a painful past who relies on the love of her last living relative, her brother, and the joy of her work as a photographer to get her from day to day. But her memories have scarred her deeper than she admits, and her past is more dangerous than she knows. As she travels to the mist-filled streets of New Orleans for the opening of her first gallery showing, she is completely unaware that she has been ear marked for something greater – and more terrifying – than most people could have imagined.

Dorian Adalard has lived several lifetimes, but the moment the woman appears in his dreams will forever be marked in his memory. The faint sadness in her beautiful smile haunts Dorian’s night and follows him into the daylight, chasing his heels like a beast, no matter how hard he pushes his bike, no matter how many laws he breaks on his way from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

It only gets worse when later that day, he looks up to find his dream girl watching him from the sidewalk of a busy New Orleans street.  A nymph in blue jeans with wild hair and big eyes, she fills Dorian with an inexplicable and unshakable desire – to protect… and to devour. 

And he knows who she is. For she is unique; there has never been another born like her. But she is not meant for him. She is the foretold queen meant for his brother – the beautiful, sadistic, and all too powerful vampire king. 

Forever a changed man, Dorian finds himself breaking tradition, bucking vampire law, and going up against a veritable army and its ruthless master to save the woman he loves from the man he loathes – taking Emma along for the pulse-pounding, life-altering ride. 

This new open-ended vampire romance series by New York Times best selling romance author, Heather Killough-Walden is unlike any published before. Delve into the supernatural darkness of a Louisiana night, and learn that for a Harley-riding vampire with eyes like ice and blood like fire, there is nothing quite so alluring as the woman your brother wants.

So, do you want a taste of what’s to come. Heather’s sharing that with us too. Here’s a teaser from The Third Kiss.

TTKDD pic ad

Teaser for The Third Kiss: Dorian’s Dream

by Heather Killough-Walden

Coming November, 2013

Third Kiss pic ad 2 “Twenty friggin’ dollars for one friggin’ hour….” she mumbled as she rubbed her left butt cheek and then her right. Halfway out of the dark cement building, she paused, lifted her leg behind her in a yoga-esque quad stretch, and then did the same on the other side. She was sore and tired and extremely hungry. Her hair was frizzy and flat at the same time, and any makeup she’d applied eleven hours ago had long since evaporated into the interior of her car. She wanted a long, hot shower, a filling meal, and a soft bed. Her brother had better have a plan for tonight.

As she reached the entrance to the garage, she forced a friendly smile for the attendant, who nodded in her direction. Then she was out in the New Orleans night, her feet pounding the pavement at a quick pace. The French Quarter was not a place for a woman to roam alone after dusk, but luckily, her brother’s gallery was just around the corner.

She kept her head up and her shoulders back and peered into every shadow as she passed by the alleyways, giving them wide berth and keeping as much to the lamplight as possible. Finally, she came to the intersection and turned the corner just as a Harley roared to life across the street.

Because she was always subconsciously hoping for that gorgeous hunk of a biker, she turned in that direction to see who had started the engine.

“Oh no. You have got to be kidding me,” she muttered under her breath. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Emma actually came to a standstill when the man gracefully leaned into the bike and straightened it out, kicking the stand up with his motorcycle boot.

She didn’t normally fall for blonds. She preferred the tall-dark-and-handsomes that  every other red-blooded American female in existence fell for. But something about this guy grabbed her attention and held tight. As she watched the muscles of his long, strong legs flex beneath his tight jeans, a little voice inside her head gently reminded her that she looked like crap and probably didn’t smell all that great either.

She ignored the voice and kept staring. His hair fell to his shoulders in careless waves, and as he gripped the handlebars of his Harley Night Train, his biceps and triceps bulged against his tight, black T-shirt. Offhand, she wondered what it would feel like to be held down by those arms, to be wrapped up in them, to have those long legs between her—

The man looked up, as if he could sense he was being watched, and their eyes met. His were a piercing ice-blue, and even from this distance, their stark, intense color made her gasp.

She tried to blink and couldn’t. She tried to look away, to pretend she hadn’t noticed him, but like an idiot, she continued to stand there, continued to stare, and vaguely, as if in a dream, she realized that her mouth was hanging open.

The man slowly stood to his full, impressive height. His long, muscled legs straddled the bike as he pinned her with a gaze that said he had damn well noticed her and that there was no way in hell she could pretend to not have noticed him too.

For what seemed like a full minute, the two of them stared at one another. Him with his bike idling in that delicious, low rumble, her with the New Orleans breeze blowing her wild, unkempt hair about her face like a golden halo.

Finally, as if he had all the time in the world, the man eased himself back down onto the bike, never taking his eyes off her. He revved the engine a few times and began to pull away from the parking space and into the street. Still, he watched her.

He wasn’t wearing a helmet and didn’t seem to have one attached anywhere on the bike. Stupid man, Emma thought. Stupid, gorgeous hunk of a man.

And then he smiled.

TTKDD picad 3Emma stopped breathing. It was a stunning smile. He had the most sensual lips that were curved by that smile into a line both enticing—and a little cruel.

As the man at last turned away from her to pay attention to the road and cars ahead, she realized that it had been far from a mere friendly smile.

There had been promise in that smile. And lots of it.


I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait until November! In the mean time, follow the links below to find out more about one of my favorite Indie-Credible authors 😉



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  1. OMG!! Dying here…I so need to read this and devour it like I do all Heather’s books! Her writing is truly up there with the best of them and I love to just sink into a cozy chair and read and re-read them! Thanks Shirley for this look into the new series and that yummy excerpt! Off to share! 🙂

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