Bending the Iron by Libby Drew

BendingTheIronMichael feels trapped. In his conservative, poor hometown where he has to keep his sexuality hidden. In his dead-end job. In caring for his alcoholic grandfather. Everything changes when he meets Eric, the new curator for the railroad museum. His curiosity about the passionate man quickly gives way to an intense attraction—one that Eric happily returns.

Carefree and refreshingly confident, Eric guides Michael to places he’s forgotten, reminding him that it may not be too late to follow his dreams for something more in life. But the truth is, Eric knows exactly how it feels to be stuck in a bad situation. A failed relationship has left him with personal demons that may hurt his connection with Michael.

To give their future a chance, they both must fight being trapped in the past.

This is the second book by Libby Drew that I’ve read. The first was 40 Souls to Keep and I fell in love with those characters. This one didn’t have the paranormal aspect that the other book did, but it still had characters that really pulled me into the story.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Michael is dedicated, all be it strapped, to his family. He feels like he has no choice but to stick around and care for his grandfather. That’s not to say that he doesn’t do it grudgingly. Yes, he feels trapped, but it isn’t until he meets Eric that he is forced to face the fact that he may have trapped himself.

Eric is adorable. I loved him from the time he was introduced. He’s smart, funny and has a personality that everyone loves. He’s also a little gun shy when it comes to relationships. Michael is at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to relationships though. He’s never had one and avoids them at all costs.

Things do tie up rather conveniently to allow these two to become a viable couple, but that didn’t bother me so much. I loved Michael’s grandfather. He was down to earth and broken in his own way. His complete turn around wasn’t totally believable, but since it was the catalyst that brought Eric and Michael together, I’ll take it. No, Bending the Iron wasn’t perfect, but it reminded me of why I loved Libby Drew’s characters and made me want to read 40 Souls to Keep again and search for more of her books. I’d call that a win 😉



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