Keep Me Ghosted (Sophie Rhodes Ghostly Romance #1) by Karen Cantwell

KeepMeGhostedGhosts. Do you Believe?

Sophie Rhodes doesn’t have a choice. She’s surrounded by them.

Desperate to pay the bills, 29-year-old Sophie ignores the advice of her stuffy spirit-friend, Marmaduke Dodsworth, and takes a job with the handsome Dr. Callahan, an optometrist with a desperate situation of his own. The good doctor’s problem? He has a spirit-friend as well: one with a fiery crush and a vicious jealous streak. When chemistry starts to brew between Sophie and Dr. Callahan, his green-eyed ghost wreaks some bad-tempered havoc, scaring away his patients and putting Sophie on edge. Will Sophie give up the ghost and quit the new job, or buck up and find a way to rid Dr. Callahan of his pesky specter, freeing their romance to find a life of its own?

Well, this one was just plain cute. There’s just no other way to describe it.

Sophie was funny, witty, smart and kind of quirky. That fit very well with her situation. Her best friend was a ghost and Marmaduke was just as much fun as Sophie was.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1Dr. Callahan was charming, a little geeky and just as witty and smart as Sophie. I loved this couple. The romance was light, but that was part of this book’s charm.

I also loved the premise of this book. Yeah, it’s fiction, but I liked the authors take on ghosts. There was also just enough mystery to keep things interesting. Just a hint of danger and then, when you thought it was time for the HEA – another mystery unfolds.

Basically, Keep Me Ghosted was a fun read. I like that in a book sometimes. It’s fun to just be entertained and walk away from a book with a satisfied, quirky smile on your face… just because đŸ˜‰



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