Waiting for Ty (Lovers and Friends #2) by Samantha Ann King

WaitingForTyTyler Coil doesn’t do men. But it’s harder to remember that each time he visits his best friend, gorgeous Landon Burke. As a political reporter, Ty is good at reading people, and he can tell the lust is mutual. But giving in to it could mean alienating his ultra-conservative family. 

Landon never desired a man badly enough to explore that side of his sexuality—until he met Ty. He’s waited four long years for a sign that Ty wants him too, and he can’t deny his needs much longer. So when a career opportunity arises out-of-state, Landon wonders if maybe it’s time to move on.

Then Ty crashes at Landon’s while working on a story—and a searing kiss ignites a night of mind-blowing sex that’s better than their most erotic fantasies. Forced to face his feelings, Ty must decide if love is worth the risk after all—before he loses Landon forever.

I really loved these guys. They had known each other forever. They fantasized about each other and they both had the same reluctance to take the next step. That first step was a doozy though. Wow!

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I loved Landon’s patience and understanding where Ty was concerned. I also loved his honesty and his willingness to let Ty find his way even though it broke his heart.

Usually when a character in a couple steps back and walks away, regardless of their reasoning I get upset. Not that I didn’t with Ty. When he walked out on Landon it just about tore me apart, but I totally understood his reasoning. If the author hadn’t given readers both Ty and Landon’s POV I may have had a different opinion, but getting inside both of their heads was really helpful in this case.

Supporting characters played an important part in Waiting for Ty. The first one introduced I loved from the start. Yvonne was great. She was Landon’s neighbor and she basically put Ty in his place from the start without him even knowing why. Once you found out a little bit more about her it made sense. Her concern was obvious, but the ‘why’ behind it was heart breaking. Then there was Landon’s family. I loved his sisters. Actually his whole family was great. They were the picture of what ‘family’ should be. Ty’s family was the polar opposite. Their reaction to everything made me cringe. I not only sympathized but respected Ty so much more after his interactions with them.  Yes, the mom in me came out in spades with Ty.

I think that what I loved about Waiting for Ty the most was that their relationship really defined love. Neither one of them considered themselves gay, they were most definitely bi. Their attraction to each other was just that – uninhibited attraction. You can’t, or shouldn’t put a label on that. Love is what it is and what Ty and Landon had was love – pure and simple.

This is the second book in Samantha Ann King’s Lovers and Friends series.  I didn’t read book 1, Sharing Hailey, but I don’t think I missed anything by skipping it. That doesn’t mean that I won’t go back and check it out sometime though.