Nomad by J.L. Bryan

NomadThey took everything: her family, her home, her childhood.

By the age of nineteen, Raven has spent most of her life in the sprawling slums of America, fighting as a rebel against the dictatorship. When the rebellion steals an experimental time-travel device, she travels back five decades to the year 2013. Her plan: assassinate the future dictator when he is still young and vulnerable, long before he comes to power. She must move fast to reshape history, because agents from her own time are on her trail, ready to execute her on sight.

Nomad is set to release on July 26, 2013.

Nomad was nothing like I expected it to be. I’ve come to realize that that is the norm for any book written by J.L.Bryan. For the record, I love the unexpected. 😉

This was a book that required every bit of your attention. Not only the world building, but the entire concept was complex. Raven was not only from the future, it was a very dark future. It was a future that she wanted to change, but first she had to put the pieces of her past back together.

CreativeDeedsReadsDisclosure1I really liked this character. She was strong, determined, smart and sincere. She was also witty and resourceful. As female leads go, Raven pretty much nailed it.

The author took two very complex themes (time travel and dystopian) and melded them together into an amazing story. There was also plenty of action, humor, romance and heartbreak. Yeah, I really didn’t expect that….

There’s also a lot I can’t say because I don’t want to give anything away, so I apologize in advance for being vague. You’ll thank me later, honest. Just know that this journey through time is well worth the trip and it has everything you’ve come to expect from this author and more. And if by chance this will be your first experience with a J.L. Bryan book, it’s a very good place to start.