Hot on Her Trail (Hell Yeah! #2) by Sable Hunter

HotOnHerTrailJacob McCoy wishes for a wife and a family. Tis the Season for miracles when a young woman shows up on his doorstep: homeless, in danger and expecting a child – Jacob’s child.

Their relationship is complicated by the fact that, A – they’ve never met before and B – she’s a virgin. Jessie is determined not to be a burden to the McCoy family. As far as she’s concerned, she is just passing through. Jacob has a different opinion – he wants Jessie in his life, in his bed and in his heart.

I hate to say it, but I’m on the fence with this one. (That actually turned into a unintentional really bad pun… sorry.)

Anyway, there were things I liked about Hot on Her Trail. The characters were fun and believable. There were plenty of smexy moments… *blush* and there were twists and turns and plenty of hot cowboy brothers to keep things interesting. There was nothing boring about Hot on Her Trail in the least.

I suppose my only real problem with the story was the corniness. Yeah, the love story was sweet and Jacob’s love and devotion to Jessie was heart warming, but there were times when it was just a little much. I know, I’m probably being petty, but that’s just how it came off to me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the story. There was plenty of action and I loved the devotion of the brothers and how supportive they were with each other. It also doesn’t mean that I won’t revisit the Hell Yeah! series, especially since I didn’t read book 1 first. (I really need to stop doing that.) I might have gotten more out of the story but since the author re-capped a lot of what took place in the previous book I don’t think I missed much. Other than getting to know the family a little bit better.

If you like cowboy romance and you don’t mind a slightly sappy love story, you’ll enjoy this one.


I received Hot on Her Trail as a free download from Amazon on June 8, 2013.