My Kind of Trouble (Texas Trouble #1) by Becky McGraw

mkt-cover-art.aiCassie Bellamy thought she’d left Bowie, Texas and Luke Matthews behind for good. She’d been gone for ten years and in that time had built a successful real estate business, had a new fiancé, and had all but forgotten about the Texas bad boy who’d sent her running to Phoenix in the first place.

She wouldn’t be going back now, but her daddy needed her at the Double B.

Driving her old pickup truck “Bessie” back to Bowie had seemed like a good idea when she’d left Phoenix, but it didn’t seem so good when she was broken down on the side of the road in ninety plus Texas weather in between Bowie and her daddy’s farm. And it seemed an even worse idea when her knight in brown khaki turned out to be none other than the bad boy himself, a Sheriff now, and still as hot as the Texas sun.

Cassie does her best to ignore Luke and remember her fiancé back in Phoenix, but Luke seems determined to make her remember his kisses and their nights of stargazing by the lake instead. And she definitely still has stars in her eyes when she looks at the delectable Sheriff.

Luke Matthews had worked damned hard to change the way people thought of him. He wasn’t know as the bad boy son of the town’s drunk anymore, they called him Sheriff now. For ten years, Luke had been living on the right side of the law, and had forgotten about Cassie Bellamy, the woman who’d left him dangling on a limb ten years ago. 

All that changes when he plays good Samaritan and stops to rescue a woman stranded on the side of the road. He finds out the fine behind and illegally long legs sticking out from under the hood of the beat up old truck belong to Cassie Bellamy. She was back in Bowie and just as sassy and stubborn as always…looking better than ever.

Luke is determined to get answers as to why she left like she did, and she’s just as determined to keep him at arm’s length. Taking the choice away from her, Luke takes a vacation from his job, and hires on at the Double B as a ranch hand to help out while her daddy’s down. The heat and the close proximity work in his favor and soon Luke has her cornered like a stray calf…but what was he going to do with her now? 

He had a few ideas, and all of them involved a king-sized bed and his lasso. She might be trouble, but Cassie Bellamy had always been his kind of trouble…and if it took hog-tying to get her to believe that, he was definitely game.

I really debated about whether or not I was going to post this review on my blog or not. Usually when I know that I’m going to have to give a book a lower rating I only post it on GoodReads and Amazon. I know, that’s kind of a cop out, but that’s just the way I’ve always done it. What made me reconsider when it came to My Kind of Trouble? No other reason than I think this book could have been salvageable and I wanted to give you my reasons why.

See, My Kind of Trouble wasn’t an awful book, it just went a little over the top. There are some things I can’t be specific about because they would definitely be spoilers. I’ll try to be as vague as I can, so here it goes:

  • One of the most obvious things that would have helped this book is if the author would have shortened it. I know, I usually complain about novellas being too short and not giving the characters or the story more time to develop. In the case of My Kind of Trouble though, things could have really been wrapped up in about half the time.
  • Cassie came dangerously close to doing exactly what she supposedly hated Luke for. I can handle characters doing stupid things (it happens all the time) but not when it goes totally against every principle they seem to stand on from the beginning of their story.
  • Cassie had been gone for 10 years. That wouldn’t have bothered me near as much if it would have been just Luke that she left but she also left her father, her home and everyone else she cared about with no explanation. Running away is fine I suppose, but it was the time span that bothered me. I get antsy my daughters don’t check in from time to time even though they live close by and they are all in their 20’s. I can’t imagine how frantic I would have been if they would have left without a word or explanation right after they graduated from high school. Maybe that’s just me but I think that it would have been slightly more believable if the time span would have been a little shorter.
  • I think that there was one life or death situation or injury too many. I almost gave up on a HEA for this couple. It seemed like every time I thought they were finally going to reach it something else happened.

There were a few more situations that were totally over the top, but I can’t really tell you what they were without giving something away. Let’s just say that I rolled my eyes… a lot. Just to be fair, there were quite a few people who really enjoyed this book and you can go to GoodReads and check out their reviews. I’m glad that they enjoyed it, this one just wasn’t for me. This is the first book in Becky McGraw’s Texas Trouble series. The next book is The Trouble with Love.


I received My Kind of Trouble as a free download from Amazon on March 14, 2013.



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    • Yeah, I’m blinking right along with you. I honestly didn’t notice how long it was until I started the post. I almost commented on that too in my review but I figured by then I had said enough. 😉

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