Happy Mail Day ;0)

MidnyteReaderPicOkay, so it’s not a book review but I’m excited! One of my favorite things about creating bookmarks, business cards and everything else is helping the people I do it for show them off. When I get to show them off for real, it’s even better. (FYI – when I order bookmarks, business cards and anything else for people who aren’t local, I save shipping costs by having the items shipped directly to them. It saves money for both of us, but I don’t always get to see the finished product. That’s why I get so excited when someone sends me their stuff.)

When I came home from the post office today I had all kinds of goodies (not just bills and junk mail for once 😉 ) Among my treasures today was a nice little stack of bookmarks from Pam at Midnyte Reader. I love her blog graphics and now I get to slip them between the pages of all my current reads. I’ll be sure to let you know where she ends up next!

HonorThemAnd that’s not all that I came home with today. I won a Forged Clothing t-shirt from Trish McCallan‘s Memorial Day Giveaway. Trish and I have quite a history when it comes to prize winning. I loved her first book, Forged in Fire, and shortly after I read it she held another contest. That was in December of 2011 and the grand prize was a Kindle Fire… you guessed it. That’s where I got my treasured Kindle Fire from 😉 She assures me that she’s not going to black list me from future giveaways, but I don’t know. I kind of expect a disclaimer on the next one: Open to everyone, except Shirley Deeds. LOL!

As for this prize, isn’t it a cool shirt? Not only that but it comes from a great company. If you haven’t heard of Forged Clothing, you should check them out. They have some really cool shirts and they support some really great causes.

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2 comments on “Happy Mail Day ;0)

    • Thanks! I like Pam’s bookmarks too. Her blog graphics are so cool, they were fun to play with. The shirt is awesome and the designs are original and created by the founders who are retired Navy Seals. It’s a really cool company. Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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