Bout-of-Books 7.0 (5/13-5/19 2013) Wrap Up

BoutOfBooks-880x400-03I honestly can’t believe that another Bout-of-Books is over. To be totally honest, it’s kind of a blur. Which is kind of fitting since my vision really is a blur. So, aside from tired eyes, how did my Bout-of-Books week go? Amazingly well! If you visited my Goals post, you know that I actually had no goals. I did, however have some self imposed guidelines. My only regret is that I didn’t follow through on all of those. *sigh* My first mission was to read all of the books left over from my last Bout-of-Books list that I hadn’t gotten to yet. I had three and of those three I only didn’t get to one of them. It’s a shame to because Snow Child is the book that most people were encouraging me to read. The only other thing that I didn’t accomplish was to write a review after I finished each book. I actually didn’t fail too miserably at that. I only have reviews to write on the books that I completed this weekend. I can’t fault myself too much for that because by Sunday night I was in a reading frenzy.

Aside from those minor slips, this Bout-of-Books turned out to be my most productive yet. I’m thinking that having no goals will be my future strategy. Here’s the tally for the week:

  1. No Rest for the Wicked (Immortals After Dark #3) by Kresley Cole (384 Pages)
  2. Where She Went (If I Stay #2) by Gayle Forman (264 Pages)
  3. The Hunt (VV Inn #2) by C.J. Ellisson (300 Pages)
  4. Fade Out (Morganville Vampires #7) by Rachel Caine (215 Pages)
  5. Deadlock (Southern Arcana #3) by Moira Rogers (264 Pages)
  6. Ethan’s Mate (The Vampire Coalition #1) by J.S. Scott (57 Pages)
  7. Two Weddings (And One Near Funeral) (Southern Arcana #3.5) by Moira Rogers (31 Pages)
  8. Enemy Within (Vampire Born #2) by Angeline Kace (341 Pages)

I have only read over 5 books one other time and that was during Bout-of-Books 4.0.  I have NEVER read this many pages before. My final page count tally was 1926! My final book count was 7. It would have been 8, but I didn’t finish Fade Out until 12:25 am. I was so close! Ugh! Oh well, the important part was that I survived and had a lot of fun doing it. 😉 I didn’t participate in as many challenges as I wanted and I came in at the tail end of ALL of the Twitter chats, but there’s always next time!

So how about you? Did you survive your Bout-of-Books 7.0 experience? Be sure to check in at the Bout-0f-Books blog and tell us all about it!

By creativedeeds

6 comments on “Bout-of-Books 7.0 (5/13-5/19 2013) Wrap Up

    • I hope I ended up in the Poe collection 😉 I can’t believe I read all those pages this week. Yikes! I was really bummed that I didn’t finish Fade Out until after midnight, but at least I finished it! It’s the last review that I have to write so I guess I better get on that…

    • I was so close to finishing Fade Out before Bout-of-Books was over. SO CLOSE! And Thanks! My page count actually shocked me. I’ve never read that many pages during Bout-of-Books. I think figuring out how many actual pages you read this week is a scary proposition. DO IT! LOL!

    • You did not suck! 4.5 books is nothing to be ashamed of. I really need to pick up another audio sometime. The only one I’ve ever listened to was Daughter of Smoke and Bone and the narrator in that one was so poetic and mesmerizing I have to wonder if I would have gotten more out of the actual context of the book if I had read it myself. I still really liked it though. Maybe I’ll try one with a male narrator next?

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