Bout-Of-Books 7.0 Book Spine Poetry Challenge

I am determined to participate in more challenges this time around so I decided to jump right in and start off the week with the very first Challenge offered. Today’s Challenge is sponsored by Cait at Escape Through the Pages. I love Book Spine Poetry, but I usually screw it up. I know, I know… it’s not rocket science. I think that I just end up over-thinking it. I managed to create my poem out of books that I have on my Bout-of-Books reading list. I probably could have gotten a lot more creative if I would have raided my shelves, but these books are going to be staring at me all week so I decided to put them to work. 😉





I think I may have actually gotten it this time! If you’re participating in Bout-Of-Books 7 you should really check out the Challenges. They’re fun and creative and a great way to interact with other participants. 😉

By creativedeeds

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