Creative Deeds Gets a Face Lift ;)

CreativeDeedsBC2013FinalSo I’m a little embarrassed. I was asked for my business card the other day and realized that not only did I not have any in my possession, but I was running dangerously low on the stash that I had at home. What made it worse was that I was at our local Chamber of Commerce at the time and the only cards that they had on hand were the ones that I had given them two years ago. Sure the information was the same, but I have totally changed the design since then. One of my ‘friends’ proceeded to tell me that she could give me the name of a graphic designer who could probably help me out. She was of course referring to me, but that little conversation gave me just the nudge I needed to finally order my cards.

CreativeDeedsReadsLogoIf you know me you probably can guess what happened next. Once I started updating my business cards I decided to finally design and order some bookmarks for myself. I honestly started with my current design, but then one thing led to another and before I knew it I had changed my Creative Deeds Reads blog and my Creative Deeds Reads Facebook page headers. Once I did that I had to make sure everything matched, right? So now I have a new Twitter background, header and icon (which incidentally, I don’t think I’ve changed since I started frequenting Twitter.) I also have a whole new look here and I have a new Creative Deeds Reads Facebook look as well. All because I decided to do bookmarks for myself. So, what do you think?

Bookmark Front


Since a lot of my business comes from bloggers and authors who want bookmarks themselves I decided to feature my business on the front and my reading blog on the back. I’ll let you know how it works out. I can use my business cards for regular, local advertising and I can give bloggers, authors and local bookstores my bookmarks to remind them where they can get bookmarks of their own. 

Bookmark Back


Facebook Header

I’ve already changed this a couple of times and I’m still adding to it. The pirate ship may make an appearance here, but I haven’t decided yet. I love ships, but I also love wolves, and big cats and the moon in this background is gorgeous. 


I’ll be sure to let everyone know when my bookmarks come in. By then I’ll have some other goodies that I’ve done for some other people ready to show off 😉

By creativedeeds

10 comments on “Creative Deeds Gets a Face Lift ;)

  1. Very pretty! I get like that too. I need a swift kick in the you know what to get things updated.

    I know in my personal life, there’s nothing like a visiting relative to get that remodeling done finally lol

    • Thanks Pam. I have a weak spot for clipper ships. I have dozens of them on display in one of the rooms in my house in various forms. (Paintings, wooden models, blown glass…) The very first design I had on my blog was a ship, but I like this one much better.

  2. Oh meep, I never actually commented. LOVE THE DESIGN. I guess you know that when I poked about the bookmark sending though. 😀 Seriously, the text, the colour, the dark ship (which reminds me of a ghostly pirate ship, by the way). Love it. Good job! 😀

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