A Test of Mettle (Iron Druid Chronicles #3.5) by Kevin Hearne

ATestOfMettleThis wee story, told from Granuaile’s point of view, takes place concurrently with the events of HAMMERED, book three of The Iron Druid Chronicles. It is available for free on the author’s website.

This is definitely a short story, but it is a perfect glimpse into Granuaile. It made me like her even more.

Reading A Test of Mettle was also a perfect way to recover from the events that took place during Hammered. Things were so intense during book 3, it was nice to see how Granuaile spent her time while Atticus was away. I also like her take on things. I think she will prove to be the perfect balance for Atticus.

You can pick up A Test of Mettle on Kevin Hearne’s website. It’s so short, I actually read it there. It doesn’t give anything away as far as Hammered is concerned, so if you aren’t quite up to book 3 yet and you want to learn a little bit more about Granuaile, sneaking a peek won’t hurt or spoil a thing. Enjoy!



I read A Test of Mettle as a free read offered on Kevin Hearne’s  website on March 6. 2013. 


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7 comments on “A Test of Mettle (Iron Druid Chronicles #3.5) by Kevin Hearne

    • It’s quite an interesting tale. 🙂 And the best part is Oberon is there… sure, he can’t speak to her so the conversations are a bit one sided, but he gets his point across just fine.

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