Doin’ It Dirty 2/8/2013

DoinItDirty2.0Last time I tried to convince people that Kelly twisted my arm, then Amanda threatened me because there is no way that I would willingly admit to reading ‘naughty’ books. Well folks, that ship has sailed. *blush* To be totally honest, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little bit of  ‘smut’ every now and then. I still have some novella’s on my kindle that need to be read and reviewed. What better way to knock them out than to take part in a short, sweet & hot 12 hour read-a-thon? They’ll also help me boost my ‘Why Buy the Cow? 2013 Reading Challenge’ quota. How’s that for a win/win scenario? And guess what? It gets better! Kelly and Amanda are hosting a Twitter Drinking Party the night of the read-a-thon.

Now, what am I going to read? Let’s see… I might just have a couple of books hidden somewhere that will come in handy… hmmm…. My strategy from last time still applies –  I’m looking for short and sweet for this one.

  1. Teasing Trent by M. Malone (51 Pages)
  2. All Over You by Emily Snow (57 Pages)
  3. Sin Incarnate by T.C. Archer (65 Pages)
  4. Not My Wolf by Eden Cole (54 Pages)
  5. Before the Moon Rises by Catherine Bybee (86 Pages)

Will I get all of these read? Probably not but I am ‘off’ on Fridays now so I will probably have more reading time this go round. I’m also going the short and sweet route as far as reviews go too, so I will be doing ‘mini’ reviews on Goodreads.

I had fun the last time, but didn’t read nearly as much as I wanted to. Hopefully I can sneak more in this time. ‘Sneak’ is the operative word here. I have no intention of letting my husband and kids know what I’m up to so shhhhhh…. 😉

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