Return to Caer Lon by Claude Danecourt

ReturnToCaerLonThirty hundred years ago, Arthur Pendragon, High King of the United Kingdoms, was betrayed and the royal city of Caer Lon became a myth.

Fifteen years ago, the sorcerer Wolfryth killed King William Pendragon in his quest for power and usurped the throne of Camelot. Queen Ylianor and her five year old son fled the kingdom to take refuge in Haven at Duke Geraint’s court.

Today, Prince Derek follows Geraint’s beautiful daughter into a reckless mission to save her brother from Wolfryth. He will need to embrace his heritage and to trust magic if he wants to find his way back to Caer Lon and unlock its secrets before the sorcerer kills them all.

I know that I may have mentioned that I am a sucker for any books that use any aspect of Mythology. Add magic, Camelot, references to King Author’s Court, Knights, Queens, Princes and Princesses into the mix and I’m totally engrossed. Return to Caer Lon had all that and more.

The world that Claude Cancourt created in Return to Caer Lon was full of action, mystery and magic. The characters had depth and the interaction between them was perfect. I loved the bickering, teasing and tension between Derek and Sacha. It was as fun as it was intense. They lived to drive each other crazy, but they also had a huge amount of admiration and respect for each other. The same was true with Sacha’s twin brother Elwyn and their friend Sebastian. The loyalty that they all showed toward each other, the rest of their families and their kingdom remained constant. The romance between Sacha and Derek was inevitable, but it was fun watching them fight it every step of the way. 😉

The final battle was swift but intense and Wolfryth and his daughter proved to be everything evil characters should be.

This was the first book of Claude Danecourt’s that I’ve read and I’m looking forward to more. Her style and dialogue both flowed well and it was a very easy book to read and I enjoyed getting lost in the world of Knights, Kings and Queens for a little while once again.


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