The Perfect Gift by Jo Robertson

ThePerfectGiftWhen her husband dies unexpectedly Jane Stark is left with four young boys and a mother-in-law who hates her. When she finds herself pregnant with the longed-for baby girl her husband wanted and ex-detective Rick — moves in next door, Jane doesn’t know whether to be happy or overwhelmed with the changes life has handed her.

Sometimes you just have to read something short and sweet and Jo Robertson’s The Perfect Gift falls perfectly into that category. No alpha males, nothing paranormal and not a tremendous amount of conflict. Just a sweet little romance that includes a family of adorable kids centered around Christmas time frame.

It would only be fair to warn you that there is a fair amount of heart break in The Perfect Gift. Jane has a lot of loss to recover from. Rick is the perfect person to help her through it. I’d recommend this one to anyone who wants a quick read that isn’t heavy on romance but isn’t lacking in love. It has some seriously sad moments but it ends with plenty of hope for the future. 😉


I received The Perfect Gift as a free download from Amazon on December 23, 2012.

4 comments on “The Perfect Gift by Jo Robertson

  1. It sounds charming but I really appreciate the warning about the “seriously sad moments.” The sad lingers with me too long and I usually try to avoid it. Good review.

    • The sad would definitely linger with this one. It grips you in the very first chapter. I wasn’t sure if I could finish it in the beginning either, but I’m so glad I did. Glad I warned you 😉

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