Seriously Series Reading Challenge

SeriouslySeries02Okay, as if I needed another incentive to read more, right? Well, Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal and Amanda @ On A Book Bender have such such fun and creative ways to make reading even more fun that I just had to participate. I guess it shouldn’t have been a big surprise when I realized exactly how many series that I have left unread over the past year. There is no possible way that I can finish them all… at least I don’t think so, but I’m gonna have fun trying 😉

I’ve decided to only focus on series that I started before 2013, mainly because that was daunting enough. (Yeah, that ship sailed… I started a couple of series in 2013 that I just had to add to the list – this, by the way, should come as no surprise to ANYONE – Nor should anyone be surprised by the fact that I have also added re-reads to the list.) There are 3 categories to choose from. You can visit either Amanda or Kelly’s post for the nitty gritty details.

So, what series did I start in 2012 and not finish…. or even come close to catching up on? AND – what series have I started in 2013 and have been plugging away at? AND – what series have I started re-reading because I just couldn’t stay away from them any longer? You can find the list below (in no particular order.) The books that I’ve already read in the series are linked to the review. I’ll have a progress page with the same info and link the books as I finish them. How far am I planning on getting? I have absolutely no idea. *sigh* For now, any progress I make will be an accomplishment. Since I probably should have a goal however, I’ll shoot for the second level, which is to complete or catch up on 7-12 series – which would make me Seriously Serious. We shall see.

Order of the Blade (Primal Heat Trilogy) by Stephanie Rowe

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

  • Darkness Seduced #2
  • Darkness Surrendered #3 (The Order of the Blade series continues after the trilogy – I may read some of them as well, but I’m not committing to them yet.)

Graveyard Queen by Amanda Stevens

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

  • The Restorer #1
  • The Kingdom #2
  • The Prophet #3

Scanguards Vampires by Tina Folsom

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

  • Amaury’s Hellion #2
  • Gabriel’s Mate #3
  • Yvette’s Haven #4
  • Zane’s Redemption #5
  • Quinn’s Undying Rose #6

Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

Sons of Navarus by Gabrielle Bisset

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

  • Blood Avenged #1
  • Blood Betrayed #2
  • Blood Spirit #3

The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

Demonica by Larissa Ione

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

Southern Arcana by Moira Rogers

Books read in 2012: Crux #1, Crossroads #2

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

  • The Warlord Wants Forever #1
  • No Rest for the Wicked #3
  • Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night #4
  • Dark Needs at Night’s Edge #5
  • Dark Desires After Dusk #6
  • Kiss of a Demon King #7
  • Deep Kiss of Winter #8
  • Pleasure of a Dark Prince #9
  • Demon from the Dark #10
  • Dreams of a Dark Warrior #11
  • Lothaire #12
  • MacRieve #13 (2013 release)

The Paranormals by J.L. Bryan

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

  • Tommy Nightmare #2
  • Alexander Death #3
  • Jenny Plague-Bringer #4

The Soulkeepers by G.P Ching

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

Curse Workers by Holly Black

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

  • Red Glove #2
  • Black Heart #3
  • Curse Workers #4 (2013 release)

Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor/Love Undercover  by Lori Foster

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

The Bloodstone Saga by Courtney Cole

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

  • Fated #2
  • With My Last Breath #3
  • My Tattered Bonds #4
  • House of Thebes: The Beginning #5

Granite Lake Wolves by Vivian Arend

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

Eternal Guardians by Elisabeth Naughton

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

Dark-Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I really had no intention of adding this series to the list. There are just so many of them…. *sigh* I just started plugging away at them and decided if I was going to read them anyway, they might as well join the party. (A special thanks to Kelly for helping me with the list 😉 )

Books left or currently scheduled in the series:

  • Dragonswan #1.5
  • Night Pleasures #2
  • Night Embrace #3
  • Dance with the Devil #4 (Were Hunter #2)
  • Kiss of the Night #5
  • Night Play (Dark-Hunter #6, Were-Hunter#3)
  • Seize the Night #7
  • Sins of the Night #8
  • Unleash the Night #9 (Were-Hunter #4)
  • Dark Side of the Moon #10 (Were-Hunter #5)
  • The Dream-Hunter #11 (Dream-Hunter #1)
  • Fear the Darkness #11.5
  • Devil May Cry #12
  • Upon the Midnight Clear #13 (Dream-Hunter #2)
  • Dream Chaser #14 (Dream-Hunter #3)
  • Acheron #15
  • One Silent Night #16
  • Dream Warrior #17 (Dream-Hunter #4)
  • Bad Moon Rising #18 (Were-Hunter #5, Hellchaser #3) 
  • No Mercy #19 (Were-Hunter #6)
  • Retribution #20 (Were-Hunter #7)
  • The Guardian #21 (Were-Hunter #8, Hellchaser #4, Dream Hunter #5)
  • Redemption #21.5 
  • Time Untime #22 (Were-Hunter #9, Hellchaser #5
  • Styxx #23
  • Dark Bites #24 (Were-Hunter #10, Dream-Hunter #6, Hellchaser #6)

Elemental Assassin by Jennifer Estep

I wasn’t planning on adding this one to the list either, but since I’m already reading it for the Elemental Assassin Read-A-Long I decided to go ahead and multi-task. 😉

Books left or currently scheduled in the series

Series Started in 2013

Yep, as if this list wasn’t long enough, I’ve found myself getting hooked on even more books that belong to series this year. I really wasn’t going to add them but then I thought ‘What the heck?’ If I’m gonna read them, I might as well add them. I’m sure that this list is going to grow as well, so stay tuned!

Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian

  • Kiss of Midnight #1
  • Kiss of Crimson #2
  • Midnight Awakening #3
  • Midnight Rising #4
  • Veil of Midnight #5
  • Ashes of Midnight #6
  • Shades of Midnight #7
  • Taken by Midnight #8
  • Deeper Than Midnight #9
  • A Taste of Midnight #9.5
  • Darker After Midnight #10
  • Edge of Dawn #11
  • Crave the Night #12

Causal Enchantment by K.A. Tucker

  • Anathema #1
  • Asylum #2
  • Allegiance #3
  • Anomaly #4 (2013 Release)

Tucker Springs by L.A. Witt, Marie Sexton, Heidi Cullinan

Here’s another one that I had no intentions of adding to my list. The thing is, I have been steadily reading every book in the series, so I figured, why not get credit for it, right?

WVMP Radio by Jeri Smith-Ready

  • Wicked Game #1
  • Bad to the Bone #2
  • Bring on the Night #3
  • Let it Bleed #3.5
  • Lust for Life #4

Just Breathe & Just Breathe Ephemera by Kendell Grey

 Rulers of Darkness by Amanda J. Greene

2013 Series Re-Reads

No, it wasn’t planned, but really, no one should be surprised. Every once in a while I just have to pick up an ‘old friend’ and start the journey over. I have no idea how many I’ll pick up. Since I didn’t start this venture until July, I’m thinking I’ll be lucky to make it through just a couple of re-reads, but you never know. Stay tuned!

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

Alright, I think I’ll stop there. Sad thing is, I still have even more series that I’ve started and not finished. Who knew? I guess I should thank Kelly and Amanda for bringing this to my attention. Will I finish all of them? Probably not, but I plan to put a huge dent in them regardless. Stay tuned… it’s going to be an interesting ‘Seriously Series’ year!

By creativedeeds

6 comments on “Seriously Series Reading Challenge

    • Thanks! Hopefully it will keep me organized too. 🙂 The really sad part is, I could have added a lot more to the list. Yikes! Can’t wait to start crossing some of these off my list. Thanks for hosting – this was a simply brilliant idea!

  1. Woohoo! Once you actually write it up, it is quite shaming. I’m going to work on mine this weekend. We bother going to be in detention together till we get our Soul Screamers & White Cat homework done 😀

    • Yes, and the sad part is this list doesn’t even include the given reads from series that will have releases in 2013. [Lover At Last (BDB), Clockwork Princess (Infernal Devices), Up From the Grave (Night Huntress) and Twice Tempted (Night Prince) to name a few.] I knew I would read those with no incentive what-so-ever so I didn’t include them. And yes, I am hanging my head in shame over my delay in reading the rest of the Soul Screamers and Curse Workers series. Detention may in fact be in order. 😉

    • Why thank you 😉

      As for Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor, I chalk that one up to not paying attention when requesting review copies. I’ve been meaning to catch up with the rest of the series since I realized I had started at the end. Thanks to you and Amanda I have now been given the perfect incentive.

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